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John and I are lucky in that we have a decent sized house and quite a bit of space. We have a really big open plan living room/ dining room which is L shaped, meaning I am able to have a home office in that area. My home office is absolutely perfect for what I need for blogging. However, what a lot of people don’t really know is that I spend a lot of time selling items online. If you are someone who does this on a larger scale, you might want to consider self storage so that everything doesn’t take over the space in your home. You can easily find them across the UK, from self-storage in Hounslow to up here in Norfolk. You can keep your stock and avoid living in a cluttered home. As I only do this on quite a small scale, selling things we no longer use, clothes or toys Erin has outgrown etc., I use our spare bedroom as a sort of second office.

We have a 4 bedroom semi detached house and we only really use 2 of the bedrooms; 1 for me and John and 1 for Erin. John has one of the other rooms (the box room) for all of his random crap and the 4th room is a spare room/ the room I use for my items to sell. Up until recently I have had things all over the place, thrown together in cardboard boxes all over the floor. I thought it was about time to sort that out. The lovely people at Tufferman got in touch to discuss storage solutions. We were very kindly sent the Storalex Metal Shelving Bay to help with our office storage needs.

The Shelving Bay is super easy to put together and I did it on my own in about 30 minutes. There are no screws and bolts (unless you screw this to the wall) and instead this uses a ‘snap in’ assembly system. The shelves has moveable support underneath which can be altered to suit the load. The whole unit has been tested to hold up to 130kg on each level! Each shelf literally snaps into place and with a quick hit with the rubber mallet supplied, you have a very sturdy shelf. This also means that you can easily change where your shelves are depending on what you need to store!

Even without screwing the unit into the wall, it’s pretty damn sturdy. However, if you want to screw into the wall there are screw holes every 15cm so you be reassured that this isn’t going to move anywhere! Obviously, it is recommended that you do secure the unit to the wall for safety!

The great thing about this shelving system is that it doesn’t have to be used in the way that I have. You can use it as a shorter unit in an L shape if you want (as seen below) or you could just use it as a 3 shelf system and a 2 shelf system separately. I love that there are more ways to use this and you can alter it as and when your needs change.

I love, love, love how this unit has transformed out spare bedroom. Okay, it’s not nearly as pretty as the wallpaper but, the grey does fit with the colour scheme and it makes the room so much more useful. I use to have to go in there every now and again and take stock of what was in there because I couldn’t see anything. Not anymore though!

As you can see, there is so much space on this unit. I still have some more bits and pieces to sort out and put on there but I won’t have filled it up any time soon. The shelves are lovely and deep so I can either stack smaller boxes, leave items out on their own or I can use bigger boxes if I wanted to.

My cardboard boxes may now be off the floor but I think some plastic storage boxes would be perfect for this shelving unit. This would make it possible for me to quickly see what is in each box and find what I need quickly. I could probably even send John in there to find things too without him having to search through every single box.

While the Storalex Metal Shelving Bay is great for any home office, it is also perfect for so many other places. This would be great for sheds, garages or even a utility room! When we eventually get a new shed I’d love another one of these to keep it really tidy and organised.

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  1. What an excellent solution, it would be perfect in a garage or work shed too. I am just doing my home office and looking for shelving, but I want pretty and white. I also have that wallpaper in my bedroom.

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