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Spending more time at home at the minute means that we are doing more things as a family. John is working from home so gets a lunch break and is also ‘home’ earlier than he would be if he was at the office. We are also spending loads of time together at the weekends but we can run out of ideas sometimes, especially if we’re stuck inside on a miserable day. Luckily, Spin Master have come to the rescue with a selection of games for the whole family.



We really enjoy games that make us think, where we have to try to outsmart the other playes and Otrio* is great for that. This game can be played with 2-4 players and aimed at age 8+, although that really didn’t stop Erin joining in with us while we played.

The aim of the game is to create a row of three, whether that be pieces of the same size, going from large to small or with three concentric pieces in the same space. While John and I tried to play properly, Erin placed her pieces however she wanted but at least she was having fun. Without having a lot going on at the minute it’s nice to have a game that makes you think… and one where I can really try to beat John!


Baby Shark Let’s Go Hunt Fishing Game

Playing Baby Shark Let's Go Hunt Fishing Game

Years after Erin first saw Baby Shark on YouTube she still loves it and it’s still such a popular thing. The Baby Shark Let’s Go Hunt Fishing Game is great for younger children and works on fine motor skills. Once turned on, the game plays the Baby Shark song while rotating round. Each player gets a fishing rod and the aim is to catch as many fish as possible.

The Baby Shark Let’s Go Hunt Fishing Game can be played with 2-4 players and aimed at children 3+.

Playing Baby Shark Let's Go Hunt Fishing Game


Headbanz game

If you’re looking for something that the whole family can play then Headbanz is a great choice. Each player gets to wear a headband with a card tucked into the front and they take it in turns to ask questions about what they might be on their picture. The twist is that players can ask questions but can only get a yes or no answer to them.

Headbanz is aimed at age 7+ but Erin loved getting involved. She didn’t really like having the card on her head but she loved being able to help answer the questions we all had about our cards. It really helped her think about what things are and the words that are used to describe them. Erin also really loved to be in charge of putting cards in the headbands and being in charge of the timer.

Playing Headbanz

Jumanji: The Next Level

Jumanji: The Next Level

We are huge fans of the Jumanji franchise, both the new and old films and they are something we have recently introduced Erin to. Jumanji: The Next Level* is a game aimed at age 8+ so Erin is quite a way off being able to play this one at the minute. However, it would be a great game for families to play with older children who will be able to follow the game a bit easier. The instructions aren’t great so you really need to be able to follow what’s going on and figure out how to play the game.

There might not be a real jungle, crazy rhinos or the chance of being turned into a monkey for a while but it will be a whole load of fun.

Jumanji: The Next Level

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Family Fun From Spin Master

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