The dummy debate


Before Erin was born I had so many ideas in my head about being a parent. I was adamant I wasn’t having an epidural (I did, and very thankful for it), I was definitely going to breastfeed, when it’s time for real food I won’t buy anything in a jar and my child would never use a dummy.

I’ve always hated seeing children using a dummy. I don’t know why, I just never liked it. My husband wasn’t really bothered either way on this topic and maybe that’s because he’s a lot more laid back about things than I am. I seriously didn’t want Erin to ever know what one was.

Then we had the week of hell – what we now call ‘Erin has reflux’. I was so stressed out and tired and so was she. We had days of screaming and not being able to sleep unless she was on me. I couldn’t cope. We had a couple of dummies from starter bottle packs and I thought ‘why not? 5 minutes won’t hurt’.

It was amazing how quickly Erin settled down when having something to help her. She had been using her own thumb for comfort a few times but this worked so much better. I didn’t want to rely on a dummy though which is where I now have a problem. It’s so easy to give Erin the dummy when she’s clearly in need of some kind of comfort she’s not getting from me or her dad. I hate hearing and seeing her so stressed that I can’t help but let her have it at the moment, completely against my original wishes for her.

How do you feel about dummies? Does your child use one?

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