The machine that saved us!

When my husband and I made the decision to change from using Avent bottles we realised that we could use the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine if we wanted to. Basically, the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Perfect Prep Machine makes up formula bottles in about 2 minutes and this is the main reason I wanted it to begin with. I was getting so annoyed and stressed making bottles up the traditional way, waiting half an hour for the water in the kettle to cool down and ending up with a screaming baby.

I had seen so much about this machine online and at the time of purchase it was only £60 on Amazon. We also got £15 off this as we’re members of Amazon family. However, I have seen places charge upwards of £100 for this machine. For this price you get the machine, a water filter, one small Tommee Tippee bottle, one slow flow teat and a lid.

Initial set up of the machine is super easy and takes about 15 minutes. To start with you need to put the machine on a cleaning cycle using the buttons on the right hand side of the machine and filling up the tank (left hand side) with a certain amount of water. The tank can be removed so you can fill up at the sink but I find this to be a bit of a pain so I use a small jug to add more water. Once this water has done a cycle you can then add in the filter. Before doing this though you must prepare the filter by taking off the sticker and submerging in water for a few minutes. From here, you’re all ready to go.

Just let the set up, using the machine is so simple which is why I bought it in the first place. The middle of the machine has a space for you to put a bottle (on a small shelf) which has a dial and large button above it. The dial is used to tell the machine how many oz of formula you want to make ranging from 4 to 11. You need to use one scoop of formula per fluid oz you want to make.

This is how to make a bottle of formula step by step:
1. Get sterile bottle and place under the dial/ button
2. Press button once, making it light up red. The machine will dispense boiling water.
3. Once the water is dispensed add formula to bottle and mix well. You have two minutes to do this before the machine will stop the process and you have to start again.
4. Place bottle back under the dial and press button again, allowing it to turn green.
5. Let water finish dispensing then add teat. Bottle is ready to drink!

This machine has made things so much easier for me and my husband. Night time feeds, although not as often now, are a breeze and means that my husband doesn’t need to stay up for hours to prepare our daughter’s bottle (I’m very lucky that he does any night feeds). I’m not sure I would have paid £100 for it but at £45 it was a fantastic purchase.

This machine has not been tested enough to be recommended by health visitors/ midwives etc. but I really don’t care. Our daughter has been completely fine with bottles made with this machine and I know loads of other mums who swear by it as well.

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