The Importance of Drama Classes in Schools

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It can be easy to want to push your children more towards scientific subjects, particularly in these modern technological times. It can be easy to forget just how beneficial subjects like Drama and the performing arts can be for your children’s education and all round development into a more well rounded human being. 

That is why we have teamed with an independent school in Hammersmith to highlight the importance and drama classes, and the kind of life skills your children can learn from engaging with the dramatic arts! 


Working on a performance inspires chi;dren to think outside of the box and step outside of their comfort zone. Bringing a character to life or working on improvisation skills can be a very fulfilling experience for an individual, and it can help your kids listen and trust their own instincts. 


Drama is not just about solo study, it is a collaborative subject that brings people together with the common goal of putting on a production. It means that children can learn important lessons about teamwork, how to work together, compromise and adapt to best find a solution to a problem at hand. 

Emotional Intelligence 

Working on developing characters and learning new stories through drama encourages your children to be more empathetic individuals as they get to grips with their characters and their feelings. It will allow them to see the world through different perspectives in a way that is fun and engaging, naturally evolving them into a more empathetic person. 

Communication and Vocabulary 

Working with a team and learning new stories, songs and scripts will undoubtedly benefit your children when it comes to their communication skills and vocabulary. Drama encourages children to express themselves through vocalisation and body language, which will help expand your child’ understanding on how best to communicate with other people. 

Creative Expression 

Drama is a highly creative outlet that will help children work through many emotions and feelings through the prism of play. Having creative outlets is important for anybody, but particularly for children who may not always have the words for how they’re feeling. Drama offers so many different ways to express themselves, from acting, to singing, to movement and facial expressions.

Social Awareness 

Working with a number of different songs and plays can help broaden your child’s understanding of the world, particularly when it comes to culture. They will likely engage with plays and songs that come from all over the world, and learning about where they come from will help deepen their understanding of different cultures and their stories.

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