The nursery: organised chaos

Anyone who knows me will know how organised I like to be. I love order and cleanliness and I absolutely hate for things to be out of place. Everything in our house has a ‘home’. My husband will completely disagree with me on that though! He’s much more laid back about putting things away (I think that’s a nice way of putting it) and could care less if something got put back in the same place as where it was the day before.


One room that I don’t feel in control of much is Erin’s bedroom, the nursery. Erin has the second biggest room in the house (very close second to our bedroom) but yet there doesn’t seem to be enough room for everything. I wish I could take a picture of the whole room but it just doesn’t fit in from the doorway. As you can see from the picture above there is a changing table, cot and a chest of drawers on one side of the room. On the other side is a wardrobe and a shelving unit.


While there is a bit of storage I guess I feel like things don’t really have their own proper place. The changing unit is fine and that really does hold a lot. As you can see in the picture I have it completely packed with nappies and wipes. The wardrobe has mostly dresses hung up as well as a few coats and cardigans. The shelving unit has baby grows and sleep suits while the chest of drawers has socks, tights, leggings and t shirts.

I think I wish that I could get to everything a bit easier/ I could see things better. To start with I had so many baby grows and sleep suits that didn’t fit Erin because of her being so small so the shelving unit had multiple sizes on the shelves. The wardrobe is so packed it is hard to find what I want. There are also boxes of extra clothes in sizes going right up to 3 years old (because I buy cheap when and where I can). The t shirts and leggings in the drawers are impossible to sort through quickly to find something to matches.

Erin would probably find this to be the most calming or fun room in the house with the soft colours, tree on the wall and animals everywhere but it stresses me out.

How do you make the most of your nursery and do you have any tips for clothes storage?!

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