The top 3 careers that involve childcare

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Working with children has so many benefits, and can be a rewarding venture in your life. You’ll have the opportunity to shape the lives of young children and inspire their minds, helping towards fulfilling their potential. 

So, if you’ve had previous experience in childcare, looking for a change or a completely new job role, here are some of the most rewarding jobs in childcare. 

Teaching assistant 

Contrary to common belief, you don’t need a teaching degree to become a teaching assistant (TA), usually just GCSEs or equivalent in Maths and English. In this role, you’ll be supporting pupils at either primary or secondary level, so that they can engage in their education, as well as help their emotional well-being and social development. 

As a TA, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a whole class, alongside the teacher, with responsibilities that involve preparing the classroom, and creating effective resources and imaginative classroom displays. 

You can also be assigned to a particular student as a TA, which may involve special educational needs (SEN), and supporting the pupil through their learning and behavioural difficulties. 

Although the role has its challenges, the support you provide is highly beneficial to both students and teachers, and a TA is a vital cog in the school system. Plus, you get the bonus of seeing the students you work with succeed in their studies, as well as the attendance of the odd school trip for good measure. 

Nursery practitioner 

Working in a nursery is particularly exciting, as you get to inspire and nurture children from a very young age, setting the foundation of their journey through education. At this stage in their life, a nursery creates the ideal and safe environment that helps them to develop their social and communication skills, which you can be a part of. 

In this role, you’ll be expected to focus on the development of a child or group of children, creating and carrying out activities that will not only educate them, but grow a range of skills, from social to physical abilities. 

There are several ways to start your career as a nursery practitioner. Some nurseries, like Kiddi Caru for example, offer an Apprenticeship scheme, which offers you a hands-on experience whilst you gain your Childcare, Learning and Education qualifications. As you work your way up through the levels of qualifications, you could become leaders of particular age groups within the nursery, or even the manager of a whole nursery. There a plenty of progressive opportunities available when working in a nursery. 

Family support worker 

In this interesting social-care role, you’ll have the chance to work with both parents and children, supporting them through their difficult situations. You can make a vital difference to a child’s life as a family support worker, helping them towards living in a better household environment. 

This career is certainly varied, as each family may having different issues to address, where they need help reducing problems and risks to the children involved. This could include bereavement or homelessness, as an example. You’ll work together with the family to plan the unique support they need to address issues and prevent problems from escalating further, as well as help the children of these families with their learning and development. It can be an emotional job role, but the potential positive outcomes mean that this career is one of the most rewarding in childcare.

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