The Ultimate Stress-Free Flight With Your Kids

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The holidays are approaching, and as most new parents already know, things change dramatically when traveling with children. Let’s forget about the days when the suitcase was packed at the last minute. In fact, to travel without stress, everything must be planned well. 

The more prepared you are, the more enjoyable and fun the trip will be. To help make things easier, we’ve made a list of helpful tips to help you and your baby get to their destination stress-free. You can get Qatar Airways booking online now. 

Organize the trip with the children 

1. Plan your vacation well. Before leaving, to always have everything under control, it is necessary to organize and write the itinerary to follow, with hotels and places to visit. Do not forget, for each stage, to look for refreshment points and mothers friendly, where mothers can breastfeed in peace and privacy. 

2. Plan your flight schedule well. Try to organize the trip when the child usually naps, or at night. A rested baby is a happy and relaxed baby! 

3. Smart mode booking. When you like a hotel and are about to book, get informed: is the street of the hotel uphill? Do they play music until late? Are there a lot of stairs? 

4. Transport of baby food. In many airports, it is possible to transport baby milk in containers with a capacity of even more than 100 ml. To avoid inconveniences, inquire at the airports where you will have to transit and check their requirements. 

What to bring with children 

5. Medication kit. Do not forget to always carry a small emergency kit with you: thermometer, patches, disinfectants, paracetamol for fever, lactic ferments, oral rehydration solutions, antibiotics, sun creams, ointment for sunburn, anti-mosquito spray and post-bite. 

6. Games and books. Bring small games and books with you to make your child spend pleasant hours of travel. A good reading will make your little one happy and you too! 

7. Make a list. (And check it again!) Making a list of what you need on your trip will help you not forget anything and have everything you might need. 

8. Pack extra diapers. As a general rule, bring a diaper for every hour of travel, and a few more in case your flight is delayed.

9. Stock up on wet wipes. Wet wipes will be your best travel friends: you will need them not only for diaper changes, but they will be useful for cleaning airplane seats, tables, handles and everything your baby can touch. 

10. Bring blankets. Bring more than one, as it is quite cool on the plane; so you can snuggle up with your little one without suffering from low temperatures. A great tip is to bring a change cover with different patterns on both sides so that you can easily remember which of the two sides you have placed on the ground. 

On the plane with the children 

11. Pack two suitcases. If you are planning to check in a suitcase, check-in two, and divide the child’s clothes between the two suitcases, so if one is lost at least you’ll have what you need to get by. 

12. Choose your seat at the bottom of the plane. Sitting at the back of the plane means you will be close to the nappy changing bathrooms. You will also have flight attendants closer. 

13. Travel hands-free. Bring a baby carrier or sling to keep your hands free at the airport and during the flight. The baby will be close to mom or dad, and this will help him feel comfortable. 

14. Everything is under control. If you are afraid that your child may get lost, buy a bracelet where you can write your name and phone number. So anyone can call you. Alternatively, there are GPS tracking devices with special apps. 

15. Relax. Try not to get anxious if your baby starts crying. The baby perceives your moods and he too will become even more nervous. If you keep calm, he too will be calmer. Enjoy every moment of the journey. Do not be in a hurry, observe every little thing and become children again with your children. 

The Ultimate Stress-Free Flight With Your Kids 

Whether you are traveling near or far, by plane or by car, when we embark on a journey we usually have the hope of arriving at our travel destination on time and without problems. However, the reality is usually very different. Traveling can be really stressful, which is why we’ve put together our travel tips to help you handle whatever comes your way. 

1. Before checking in for your flight, check-in with yourself 

One of the reasons we may feel out of shape while traveling is because we are literally out of our usual routine. If you’re used to your daily routine (as many of us are!), The spontaneity and lack of structure of travel can be hard to adjust to.

Take some time before you leave to check what you need to feel comfortable with before you leave for your trip and how you can bring some familiarity with you into your new environment. Do you need coffee first when you wake up? Are you irritable with less than 8 hours of sleep? 

Put some time on your itinerary to meet those needs, and set aside time before your trip to help you feel grounded. If you go to the gym to relieve stress but “should” pack your bags, give yourself permission to make room for both of you. 

2. Identify what it is about the journey that is making you stressed 

Now that you’ve planned your self-care ahead of your travels, it’s helpful to find out what it’s about travel that is causing your anxiety. Grab a piece of paper and write down all your feelings and concerns about your next projects. So, find some solutions for each scenario. 

For example, if you are worried about missing your flight and having to go through the airport to get to the gate, leave an extra hour of buffer time between when you would normally arrive at the airport. Or plan to check first on the morning of your flight to check waiting times for security checks online and check travel time. 

Not only does putting it on paper help you suffer less, but by practicing problem-solving you can feel more prepared for whatever comes your way. 

3. Make a packing list and double-check it 

It doesn’t matter how long you travel, knowing how much to pack, what clothes you’ll need and making sure you remember that everything is overwhelming. 

SmarterTravel shares its final packing list to make sure no items are left behind. We recommend that you wait to tick the items off the list until they are safe in the bag. If there are any last-minute items that you need to pack at the last minute (toothbrush, makeup, etc.) – Grab a post-it and stick it on your bathroom mirror or near your front door. 

That said, unless you are traveling in the desert or a remote island off the Italian coast, if you forget something, you will probably be able to find a quick replacement at the shop. 

4. Download your games and books in advance 

Whether it’s sitting at the airport or driving in a car, if you’re wondering what you’re going to do with your downtime, you make it impossible to get bored with how many activities you have planned for yourself. 

Download apps, books, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and games before you leave the house. Download a meditation app (like Calma or Insight Timer) to keep your headspace clear if it gets cloudy.

Not interested in using your phone? Go to the library and pick up a book you intended to read or bring a sketchbook to scribble and write down your thoughts. Make the most of your travel time by doing the things you enjoy (even if that means sleeping!) 

5. Stay supported by preparing food 

Sometimes, eating on the go is expensive, limited, and unsatisfying. By preparing your own meals and snacks, you can save money and avoid having to decide where your next meal will be, which can be stressful for a variety of reasons. 

6. Print important documents before you leave 

Sure, we have all our boarding documents on our phones these days, but you never know when your phone might run out. Having a hard copy on hand gives you a backup option for when your phone decides to stop working, and you can select one less worry from your list.

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