Window coverings to make your home more comfortable this summer

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We’re now heading straight into summer and as a parent, on countdown until the summer holidays and spending 6 weeks at home. What some people might not realise is that your home needs different things as the seasons change. Today I’m sharing some ideas for window coverings to make your home more comfortable this summer.

Sheer white curtains

In theory, it’s a great idea to have big windows in certain rooms, such as a living room, but you also don’t want everyone to be able to look right into your house. By covering up these windows you will lose out on a lot of natural light and window coverings like curtains can make the room really dark. By using sheer white curtains in these rooms you will be able to keep the light but also add in a bit of privacy as well as reducing the glare of the sun coming though.


If you want to have an option for covering your windows without blocking out all of the lights then other kinds of blinds might be a good idea. Blinds come in so many different colours and styles and you can have them made to measure if you have large or strange sized windows. With blinds you can cover as much or as little of your window as possible and some blinds will still let light through the material even when they are fully closed.

Large room with blinds and sheer curtains on the windows

Blackout blinds

During the summer the sun rises earlier and sets a lot later and this can cause issues with light in bedrooms. I particularly struggle to sleep in a room that’s too light and I much prefer to sleep somewhere really dark. The lighter evenings can also be a real problem for children who are used to getting to sleep when it’s dark outside. You can get some great window coverings to keep sun out such as black out blinds and these can be a great choice for bedrooms.

Go bare

While some rooms don’t need any kind of window covering at all but instead, are better suited to being bare. However, bare windows do not offer any privacy and this really isn’t suitable for some rooms such as a bathroom, wet room or wc. Of course, you don’t want anyone being able to see into these rooms from outside so you could consider a frosted window design or something with a pattern. Both of these options will let light into the room without compromising your privacy.

What do you use on your windows?


Window coverings to make your home more comfortable this summer

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