Things I Never Thought I’d Teach My Child

I think when you find out that you’re going to be a parent for the first time you have all of these ideals in your head. I know when I found out I was pregnant with Erin I thought about all the different things I thought I could teach her as she grew up. I thought that I would teach her that books are magical and that travelling the world to discover new places is such an exciting and important thing to do. However, it turns out that both me and John have ended up teaching her a whole load of things I never thought we would.

One of the funniest things that John has taught Erin recently is to throw her head back and howl at the sky like a wolf. Yep, a wolf! We end up doing this as a whole family sometimes, even when my sister, her fiance and my mum come to stay. It gets a little bit crazy.

Although I am obviously trying to teach Erin to speak and use proper words, she seems to pick up animal sounds really easy at the moment. Sometimes, it’s so much easier to get her to say moo or twit twoo than yes or no!

I thought it would be fun to ask some other bloggers to tell us things that they have taught their children that they didn’t expect to.

Vikki Evans Before having children I was very afraid of flying. I was positive that I didn’t want my children growing up with the same fears – so I have made sure that they have flown regularly from an early age. They have never known of my fear – I taught them to enjoy and embrace flying. They are completely relaxed on aircraft. And guess what – so am I now too ! My fear disappeared as I taught them to enjoy it!  Family Travel With Ellie

Awaybies Kids Honeybees have two stomachs. Just never knew that! Awaybies

Alex Iveson How to swear ?? Better Together Home

Emma Reed Where babies come from, how it got in there and how will it get out to a very curious three year old. I thought this would come much later and that he would accept the story of when a Mummy and Daddy love each other a baby appears in her tummy out of nowhere! Nope, he’s far too inquisitive and smart to accept that as an answer! Emma Reed

Janet Tankard How to scrub crayon off the furniture. You make that mess, you clean it! And I found rubber gloves in children’s sizes so there’s no escape. Falcondale Life

Kelly Slaney The dance moves to every Steps song!!! She thinks I’m so cool.She’ll soon learn…
Kelly and the Kids

Faith Stephenson Why we can’t drive to Australia from UK. This came from a conversation about where I came from and why he can’t visit aunties and uncles for a weekend Raising Moonbows

Tracey Witts I never thought I’d be actually teaching my child everyday instead of school but wouldn’t change it for the world now Wild Lived

I would love to hear some of the things you have taught your own children over the years!

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