Things to do in Bristol with children

Things to do in Bristol with children

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John and I are always looking for new places to visit in the UK and somewhere that has recently come up on my radar is Bristol. I’m not sure why but I never really knew where Bristol was until recently and apart from it being where Skins is set, I didn’t know much about what there was there either. Before deciding to visit somewhere though I always make sure there is plenty to do for children, especially toddlers.

We The Curious

We love to take Erin to places where she can learn but also have loads of fun at the same time. Momma Mack recommends We The Curious (what a great name) where there are loads of activities for children under 6. Prices are £15.95 per adult and £10.50 per child but it seems like you can spend nearly all day there so good value for money!

Bristol Zoo

One of the first things I look for when visiting somewhere new is a zoo or aquarium. We love going to visit attractions with animals and Bristol Zoo seems to be a great place to visit, especially as it has an aquarium on site as well. Tantrums to Smiles loved that there was loads of different animals to see and plenty of different sections to explore. If you want to cut down on costs for the day you can take your own packed lunch/ picnic and eat outside if the weather is nice.

Explore Bristol

Exploring a new city doesn’t have to mean spending loads of money on big attractions. Amy Treasure has loads of great ideas of places to visit and none of them cost much, or any, money at all.

Grab a picnic and head up to Brandon hill then climb Cabot Tower for a 360 degree view of Bristol. Mooch around St Nicks Market; there are some of the best vegan restaurants and street food places or a sourdough donut from Pinkman’s.

It certainly sounds like you could have a good wander around and find some wonderful places. Even when we’re out and about with Erin I still like to go on a bit of an adventure and Bristol sounds great for this.

Community Farms

As I mentioned earlier, we love animals and I was so happy to see that Bristol has 5 different community farms. We have visited something similar in London before and it was a big hit with Erin so this is something I’d really like to make time for. The best thing about the community farms is that they are all free! Trips away with children can cost a small fortune so this would be a fantastic way to save a bit of money and keep the children busy for a few hours!

If, like me, you worry a bit about getting around in a new city then companies like AA Taxis can help you get from place to place, quickly and safely!

If you are from, or have been to Bristol before, please do let me know any places that are good to visit with children! 

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