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Last week John’s Nan passed away and this meant he had to go to Ireland for her funeral. He went Friday lunchtime and won’t be back until nearly midnight tonight so pretty much four and a half days. This has been Erin’s longest time without Daddy.

The first couple of days were not so bad. My mum was visiting anyway so I had some help which was fantastic. However, when it came to bedtime Erin struggled without John. He does bath and bed most days and the first night she really struggled to get to sleep. Sunday night was horrendous. After 11 times of going up to her I gave up and brought her downstairs. She went to sleep fine as long as I was holding her. The minute I put her down the screaming happened.

On Saturday John phoned and wanted to speak to Erin on the phone. Massive mistake. She turned her head to the phone, looking all excited at hearing her Daddy’s voice. She tried to find him. When she realised he wasn’t there she was so upset which then made me upset. I was a crying mess. No more phone calls!

Not only was this the first time Erin and John had been away from each other for a longish period of time but John and I are very rarely apart for more than a day. Since we’ve been married I think the longest is two nights.  I hated every minute of it. 

I know that John has hated being away just as much. If I let him, I think John would wake Erin up at midnight when he gets home. He’ll just have to settle for me instead I think.

What’s the longest you and your children have been apart? How did you cope if it was for quite some time?

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  1. I had the exact same problem when Aden, my partner was sick with pneumonia and stayed at the hospital for 2 weeks…at the time we did not know how long he was staying for …so you can imagine my distress. Same as you, he takes care of the diner, bath and bedtime…
    He was in the isolation ward so no kids allowed! He wanted to skype us, I said no because it was already really tough as like Erin, he was not sleeping properly, he was moody….I think he just did not want to see me, he wanted his daddy! No call, Aden was not happy but I knew it was the right thing to do!

  2. Aww! It sounds like you have had a rough few days….Sending love and hugs.
    I have never really been away from my kids….Neither has their dad. I know if my fella was to have a few days away from us my youngest wouldn’t be happy. She’s a real daddy’s girl x

  3. It sounds like she is such a daddy’s girl. My partner does bath and bedtime too when he gets in from work, if he is working late and I have to do it my little ones take forever to settle for me. Sorry to hear about his nan dying, hope he is ok x

  4. Hope you’re all ok and coping with the loss of John’s Nan.

    It’s very hard the first time you spend time apart, but it gets easier in some ways. I promise! I had two nights away from B (who’s almost 16 months) last weekend, although I saw him during the day and I found it quite hard. But, it was good for him to spend some quality time with daddy and in the end, it was pretty positive all round!


  5. Sorry to hear the sad news of your husbands nan.
    It can be so hard for little ones when a parent has to go away.
    I have never been away from my kids, but it was awful when my husband had to stay in hospital for 6 months on and off with heart failure and then awaiting his heart transplant. I was pregnant at the time and my oldest boy and I missed having Craig at home so much. It was a tough time for us all x

  6. So sorry to hear of the sad news. Sometimes it is hard when the time away is unexpected. My little one is a granny’s boy first sure so when she was in hospital he found it really hard. I’m sure she will be so happy to have her daddy home.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  7. Aww I am so sorry to hear about your husband’s nan. It is hard when your other half is away. I have only been away from the kids for two nights at most and it is hard. Big hugs xx

  8. Awwww we had this for a while when Evie was younger. But she’s so used to it now she’s older. I think it’s confusing for them when they’re at an age where they don’t understand why someone isn’t there. x

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