Tips to prepare your kids for e-learning

Tips to prepare your kids for e-learning

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The concept of e-learning began in the early 2000s. However, it got a sudden upliftment during the covid times. Now, many people have acknowledged the advantages and are shifting to online learning rather than physical schooling.

Apart from keeping everyone safe from infectious diseases, it promotes independent learning. It adjusts to individual needs while cutting costs and letting children learn from the comfort of their homes. 

However, preparing the kids for beginning their online classes is essential. Shifting from a playing routine to getting hooked on to a device and performing activities amongst peers is not an easy task for little children. 

So, here we are with the information in the hope you can prepare your kids for e-learning. Read on! 

  1. Create a study spot 

A distraction-free area is an essential part of e-learning prep. Children are prone to get distracted by the slightest of things, creating a dedicated space for them to study

Ensure that the room is lit with the correct lights. Also, if possible, let in maximum sunlight as it is also suitable for health. Otherwise, choose the bulbs that put a minor strain on children’s eyes. 

Next, ensure that the stationary and books are set near the desk. It should be well within the child’s range. So, they can have them handy when they require anything without hampering their class. 

  1. Ensure that the devices are updated

Online learning requires children to have a stable internet connection and a smart device. Mostly, people use iPhones or iPads for e-learning purposes. It is because of the secure operating system. However, ensuring that all the devices are updated to the current version is essential. 

For parents, who lack time to check for updates, you can switch on the ‘automatically update apps on iphone’ feature. The apps will update as and when necessary on the available network. It will keep the device running correctly without lagging, slowing down, or hanging. 

The app updates are for the best user experience. And it is vital to keep the apps running fine for the child to attend the classes easily. 

  1. Teach the kids netiquettes 

Netiquettes imply ‘internet-appropriate behavior.’ Teaching your kids this behavior is imperative because communicating via technology is becoming more common. Thus, the need to act nicely in virtual spaces is getting more prominent. 

Let your children know that just because somebody is not present physically does not mean you can behave in any way. Instead, they should be more careful of how they act. For instance, not to eat anything while the class is on. 

In addition, teach them the basics of technology, like using the mute button when somebody is speaking or unmuting to share their ideas. It counts as much in the virtual world as it is offline. 

Bottom line

E-learning is the new normal, so we’ve to ensure that our kids have a set schedule. It will help them stay disciplined and learn life-essential lessons even when not attending a physical school. It becomes your responsibility to ensure their well-being and focus on academics. As your kid enters the e-learning world, you must use different tactics to confirm concentration and focus. 

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