Toddler Friendly Cleaning With Nimble

Since Erin was born we have been more and more aware of the cleaning products we use and where possible, we now try to buy products with her in mind. I actually don’t do any big cleaning jobs while Erin is awake as I don’t like to use chemicals around her just in case she somehow manages to get a hold of them or run in to a room while I’m spraying something. However, there are some things that just can’t be put off so it’s always nice to find a brand that has babies and toddlers in mind. Nimble kindly sent us their Laundry Lover and Sticky Stopper products to try.

Erin has always had sensitive skin and can have eczema outbreaks if we change laundry products that don’t agree with her skin. She also manages to get herself into a massive mess most days so sometimes, she comes from from nursery covered in things like paint, mud and grass. These are obviously not the easiest things to get out of clothes and we have been struggling to keep her nursery clothes looking nice and clean, even after they have been washed. Nimble’s Laundry Lover is baby friendly laundry detergent designed to remove stains like wee, poo and food… as well as many other things!

As you can see from the picture below, Erin really does get into a mess quite a lot and these were the first clothes I washed with Nimble Laundry Lover.

Erin's dirty clothes

I didn’t do anything special or different with this load of washing apart from the fact that I used Laundry Lover instead of my regular laundry detergent. No filters have been used and the picture was taken in my spare bedroom.

Clean clothes

Sometimes when washing Erin’s clothes without stain remover I am left with little marks from whatever has been on there before. As you can see though, Erin’s jumper came out incredible clean and you would never have known it was covered in chocolate before. Not only that, but the lighter part of her jumper came out looking nicer, and brighter, than it had done in other washes.

Nimble Laundry Lover in front of clothes

Having a rather messy toddler means having tor regularly clean Erin’s toys. We tend to play a lot with play-doh, paints and craft items like glue so her toys can get covered in all sorts on a regular basis. Nimble’s Sticky Stopper is a toy and surface cleaner designed to get rid of sticky sugary and fatty residues. With the Sticky Stopper, all you need to do is spray, wipe and leave to dry! This cleaning spray doesn’t use bleach but still gets rid of 99.9% of germs, leaving your child’s toys squeaky clean and safe to play with again.

Nimble Sticky Stopper in front of play-doh


Sticky Stopper doesn’t just have to be used on toys though as it works great for a whole range of other things too. Travel size bottles are available and these are a perfect size for popping into your bag when you go out for the day. Now that Erin is toilet trained, I like to take ours out with us just in case she needs to use a toilet while we’re out. It’s nice to have something to clean a surface with if we need to.

Nimble Sticky Stopper in front of potty

It’s so nice to be able to use products on all of Erin’s things, clothes included, without having to worry about what we’re using or what chemicals there are inside. Not only that, but both of these products work really well and do exactly what they say they can, which is even better! 


Disclaimer: We received products for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.  

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