Top tips for making the most of trip to Egypt

Top tips for making the most of trip to Egypt

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Egypt has been a popular tourist destination for a long time now but that’s not set to change. A country full of history and interesting things to see, it can be easy to rush into booking a trip here. However, by doing some research beforehand, you’ll be able to make the most of a trip to Egypt.

Be organised!

There’s nothing worse than arriving on a trip that you’ve worked hard to pay for and not having a clue what’s going on while you’re there. A trip to Egypt is one that you want to remember forever, and not for the wrong reasons.

Before your trip make sure you do lots of research into the kinds of things you want to do, the best places to stay and any travel requirements there might be. For example, if you’re from the UK then it’s highly likely you’ll need a visa to visit Egypt.

Another very important thing to know is that drones are illegal in Egypt, and even just taking one in your suitcase could land you in a lot of trouble.

Pack accordingly

Generally, if you were going to go on holiday somewhere hot, you would pack things like swimwear, shorts and vest tops to keep yourself cool. However, although there is no dress code for visitors to Egypt, it would be a good idea to be mindful of what is considered to be okay. Pack a selection of modest clothes, which can cover arms and legs if required and a head scarf for women, so that you can be respectful to local tradition and customs.

Pack toilet roll!

Maybe a strange sounding thing to pack but you’ll thank me later. Toilets in Egypt, especially in tourist attractions and historical sites, won’t have toilets like we’re used to here in the UK. You can expect either for there to be no toilet roll or for someone to try and make you buy a couple of sheets while you’re there. Always have some in your bag and you won’t have any issues.

Great Hypostyle Hall and clouds at the Temples of Karnak (ancient Thebes). Luxor, Egypt

Create an itinerary

With so much to see and do in Egypt, it’s highly unlikely that you will have time to do it all. Before you travel, it’s a good idea to create an itinerary of what you want to do, how much things costs and the practicalities of visiting each place.

Some ideas to consider are:

  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Temple of Karnak
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Ras Mohammed National Park
  • Saqqara Pyramid
  • Egyptian Museum of Antiquities
  • Mosque of Muhammad Ali
  • Luxor Temple
  • The Great Sphinx

Use a tour company

Egypt can be quite a daunting place to visit, especially if it’s your first time if you’re travelling solo. One way of taking out some of this anxiety you may feel is by using a tour operator. There are plenty of options, depending on where you are staying and a tour will help you reach your destination safely and hopefully on time. There are plenty of great excursions from Hurghada to consider, such as day trips to Cairo, visits to the aquarium or even a ride on a speedboat!

Learn some local language

No matter where you go, it’s always a good idea to learn some basic phrases in the local language. Not only will it make your trip that little bit easier when trying to figure things out, but it also shows that you have made an effort in a new place. This is something we always try to do no matter where we go.

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