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Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read

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Unless you have had to teach someone how to read, you’ve probably never thought about the process in that much detail. However, learning to read doesn’t just come naturally as a child grows up; they have to be taught by someone who knows what they are doing. I have teamed up with a day nursery in Kew to offer parents some guidance when it comes to teaching their child to read.

Start by doing some research so that you have the necessary skills to teach your child to read. For instance, you will need to help your child with their phonics and phonemic awareness; you can’t just place a book in front of them and hope that they can start following the words and letters. Once you have a deeper understanding of what’s actually involved with teaching someone to read, then you can get started. 

Make some word cards containing basic, three-letter words like pig sun, run, pot etc. Encourage your child to work through the cards sounding out each letter of the three-letter word one at a time so that they learn how to sound out words. Focus on the sounds that each letter makes. You could also invest in some letter magnets to place on the fridge so that your child can experiment with different combinations of letters.

Posters, charts, books and other printed words are great for helping a child become more familiar with letters in general and form connections between different sounds. You could also try playing word games together, like “What sound does the word ‘sun’ start with?” or “What words rhyme with ‘pig’?”. This will help them learn how to manipulate the sounds within various words. Nursery rhymes and other songs are also great for helping children hear the sounds and syllables within a word.

Be patient and try not to rush your child; everyone learns at a different pace. If they don’t seem to be understanding, take a break and come back to it later as you don’t want to burn yourselves out and get frustrated. 


Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read

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