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Being non-drivers we use public transport a lot. If we go for a weekend or few days away we have to get the train and even if we go on holiday we have to get the train to London first. It can be hard sometimes to take enough entertainment for when we travel, and also for our time in hotels, as some things can be bulky and heavy. We recently discovered Printkick where we got a great range of items for me, John and Erin!

We all enjoy doing some colouring to kill some time while travelling, especially on the train but a lot of Erin’s colouring books are really big and definitely don’t fit into our ‘entertainment’ backpack that we take with us. We were sent this really cute drawing book which comes with a pencil attached. This really helps to not lose the pencil and the book is great for drawing or for me and John to play games.

Printkick drawing pad

We were also sent 2 different colouring sets and they are both great. The child’s colouring set comes with pictures to colour in and a selection of coloured pencils in a box which is connected. The adult’s set comes in a folding case, with colouring sheets and again, a selection of coloured pencils which are attached.

Printkick colouring book

Printkick colouring book

I really like that all of the pencils are attached to the colouring set in one way or another because when you have too many out on a train, or plane, they tend to fall off the table and you’ll never find them again!

When we stay in hotels (and just in general) Erin gets up really early and we normally have some downtime between getting ready, breakfast and going out for the day. It’s hard to entertain a 2 year old in a hotel room. This art set comes in a small box and is absolutely perfect for taking away on trips. Usually we take crayons but it’s nice to have less messy paints as well and I wouldn’t have thought about taking them before.

Printkick art set

Something Erin really misses when we’re away is her collection of bath toys. She loves to used buckets and scoops in the bath but these are so bulky and usually too hard to take away with us. This set comes with a bucket, spade, rake and 2 animal shapes. This set is obviously supposed to be used in the sand so if we were going to the beach it would serve 2 purposes making it even better to take away with us.

Printkick sandpit set

Lastly, Erin has recently started to want to take something soft and cuddly to bed with her. It’s strange because she has never really been bothered about soft toys before but she definitely is now. This bear is small and cute and it’s a great size to be able to pop in a going away bag even if it’s only for a night or 2.

Printkick bear

Printkick sells a whole range of different items and we have some great things to keep us entertained on our next adventure now!

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