Buy A Gift Experience: Planet Hollywood Meal For Two

Buy A Gift Experience: Planet Hollywood Meal For Two

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When we go away, whether that be for a week or a night, we like to eat out and treat ourselves a bit. Somewhere we have really enjoyed previously in other countries is Planet Hollywood but neither of us had ever been to the one in London. We had a buyagift voucher for a Two Course Meal for Two with Drinks at Planet Hollywood so this was the perfect time to use it.

Using the voucher was really simple. After it was delivered I went on to the buyagift website where I could find the restaurant’s phone number to book a table. Planet Hollywood asked for the details on the gift card included with the voucher and booked me in for the date and time I asked for.

We booked for 11:30 ready for lunch and we were the first people at the restaurant on that particular day. It didn’t take long for the tables to fill up though so even without having to book, I would really recommend it.

With the buyagift experience we would get a 2 course meal with a drink each. We were able to choose from either a starter or dessert as well as our main meal. John and I both decided that desserts would be a better choice than a starter because Erin would probably want to share. Here is what we ordered along with the price of what they should have been on the main menu:

Plain Jane burger £13.50

Chicken Fajitas £16.95

Double chocolate chip brownie £6.95

Strawberry cheesecake £6.95

Coke £3.75 x2 (£7.50)

Total cost: £51.85

To start with, our buyagift experience cost £40 so this was quite a nice saving. I had one of the cheaper main options as well so if I had ordered something else we could have saved a bit more money.

For the main I went with a burger and John and fajitas and there was really quite a lot of food. I know that Planet Hollywood cook their burgers medium/ well so I asked for mine to be well done as I like it cooked all of the way through. My burger was PERFECT and so delicious. It made me remember why I loved going to other branches so much.

Planet Hollywood Plain Jane burger

Planet Hollywood Plain Jane burger

John’s plate of Sizzling Chicken Fajitas was huge and way more food than he expected. Considering we had ordered from a limited menu I half expected smaller portions but this was really not the case. Erin enjoyed digging into John’s food and picking her way through the wraps and the cheese, along with the fries we ordered separately for her.

Planet Hollywood chicken fajitas

For dessert we decided on the strawberry cheesecake and the brownie. We figured we could share and Erin would like at least one of them.

Planet Hollywood Double chocolate chip brownie

Planet Hollywood strawberry cheesecake

I was honestly a bit disappointed with the strawberry cheesecake as it was a bit bland and hard for my liking. John and Erin had already started digging into the brownie loaded with whipped cream and ice cream and I don’t blame them because it was pretty damn good. Luckily, John was nice and swapped with my so I got to have some of the brownie too!

Overall, we were really happy with our buyagift experience at Planet Hollywood. The limited menu still has plenty of choice for there to be something for everyone and our service was also great. I love that you can save yourself a bit of money and buy in advance to save you money during your trip!


Buy A Gift Experience: Planet Hollywood Meal For Two

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