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Ways To Make A House Feel Like A Home

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Moving into a new home can be hard. We made the plunge about three years ago now and since then, we have slowly been doing more and more home improvements, but it takes time. The thing about making a house feel like a home is that you cannot do it overnight, unfortunately. Of course, purchasing products that you love helps and incorporating meaningful items from your past homes helps, as well, but be patient and you will get there. says, “It always takes me a while to really feel at home in a new place that I’ve moved into. Even once the moving boxes are unpacked and the fridge and pantry are stocked with food, there’s still a feeling of newness that precludes a true sense of comfort. Sometimes, this feeling persists weeks and months after moving day. Other times, it never dissipates at all.

There’s a big difference between living in a place that you simply rely on for provisions of necessity like a bed and a bathroom and living in a place that you really feel at home in. This is especially true in rentals. It can be difficult to establish yourself somewhere that you know you won’t be in for more than a year or two, or somewhere that is a far cry from your own taste or style. But a sense of home is all about perception, and regardless of the surrounding factors, it is possible to cultivate true warmth and personality no matter where you’re living.

“Hygge” (pronounced hoo-ga) is a Danish term that has recently gained popularity here in the U.S. It refers to feelings of cosiness and charm, and a sort of pleasant comfort that comes with certain atmospheres or situations. Figuring out how to make your house feel like home is, more than anything, about figuring out how to make your home cosy. Only you know what truly makes you feel warm, safe, and happy, but brainstorming on what those things are and then coming up with ways to incorporate them into your house or apartment is the first step toward nurturing a sense of home. Here are some ideas to get you started.”

Get Cosy!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the word “home,” I think of a warm, relaxing place where you can snuggle up on a comfy couch. Adding little comfy accessories like plush blankets and patterned pillows to your house can not only make add some seasonal flair, but it can also make your house feel more comfortable to live in and thus, more like a home. Lighting a candle or a fireplace, if you have one, can give your home a welcoming ambience and bring a little warmth into it. Dimming your lights or using coloured bulbs in a warm or relaxing hue can also give your house a homey feel.

Smellin’ Homey

Ah, the sweet smell of home! Smells can give a home so many different feels – sweet scents like vanilla or caramel candles can make a house feel welcoming, peppermint or lavender can make a house feel relaxing, and cinnamon or pine can bring your home some holiday joy in the colder months. There are so many different options to give your home a scent. You can use candles, sprays, wall plugins, or even just bake something sweet to make your house smell like home!

Shop For Quality Appliances

Guy Gunter Home is the place to go for quality appliances in the Atlanta-area. They say, “Whether you express creativity in the kitchen, tranquility in a spa bath or joy through outdoor entertainment, your home is where your passions live. Guy Gunter Home can help connect you with those passions… with the things that add quality to your life. We’ve been doing it for three generations. Our style of consulting is very personal (these are your passions after all). We believe you should feel as good about the process as you do about the beautiful products. That’s how we help you connect with more than a home life. Our goal is to see you enjoy a life well lived.” Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Guy Gunter Home has been the purveyor of fine appliances and installer for Atlanta’s fashionable kitchens for over five decades and three generations. Their 5,000 sq. ft gallery showroom redefines the appliance shopping experience – it’s large, open, and lets you imagine your perfect kitchen. If you want to enjoy simple tasks such as cooking your breakfast and you need new high-end appliances to really love the simple tasks, I recommend checking out Guy Gunter Home’s showroom in Atlanta.

Fill Your Home With Friends and Family

Nothing says home more than the people you have built one with. Spending time in your cosy abode with your significant other can make any living environment feel like a home. Inviting over other friends and family is a great way to share your home with others and create memories there that will make it feel like a special place to you. As they say – home is where the heart is!


Ways To Make A House Feel Like A Home

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