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Playing With The Disney Puppy Dog Pals

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Erin’s taste in toys is quite varied but two of her favourites are play sets and anything to do with dogs. When we were offered the chance to review some items from the Disney Best Puppy Dog Pals toys range I knew that Erin would love them. A play set with dogs? Exactly the kind of thing that Erin likes to play with.

Puppy Dog Pals is a relatively new show to us on Disney Jr. and it follows Rolly and Bingo, two pugs who get up to some crazy adventures while their owner Bob goes out to work for the day. It’s a lovely, fun show that focuses on friendship and that’s something that we really like Erin to see.

We received the Disney Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Playset and the Deluxe Figure Set.

The Disney Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Playset consists of the Puppy Dog Pals Doghouse Playset, poseable Bingo and Rolly figures, a seesaw and A.R.F. as a vehicle.

Disney Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Playset

The Disney Puppy Dog Pals Deluxe Figure Set consists of Bingo, Rolly, A.R.F., Bob, Hissy, Keia, food bowls, cat bed and fetch toy!

Disney Puppy Dog Pals Deluxe Figure Set

As soon as I unboxed the Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Playset I was really impressed. There was minimal assembly required so the set was ready to play with in only a couple of minutes. When you have a very impatient toddler who wants to play immediately this is a really important factor.

Puppy Dog Pals toys

The Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Playset is such a fantastic starter set because it gives you more than enough to play with. I loved that not only do you get Rolly and Bingo figures that you can pose but that there is so much to do with them. Even without the additional seesaw and A.R.F. car, you have a swing, glider and lift and even a really awesome slide!

Puppy Dog Pals toys

As soon as Erin was let loose with her new toys she set out to see exactly what could be done. She had so much fun figuring out how to get the dogs into the swing and seeing how the lift worked. She made up plenty of stories about what they were doing and got them to play nicely together too!

Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Playset

The Puppy Dog Pals Dog House Playset alone would give any fan hours and hours of fun but of course, some extra characters will make a brilliant addition. Erin’s very quickly chose a favourite in A.R.F. and loves taking him for a drive in the car that looks like him. She also likes to make sure each of the animals gets some food and they take it in turns to eat from the bowls. For children with a good imagination the Deluxe Figure Set helps children to come up with more ways to play.

Puppy Dog Pals toys

Both the playset and all of the characters are extremely good quality and there aren’t any small pieces that can be broken easily. Toddlers can be pretty rough with their toys so the quality is important. Both of these sets work so well together and it’s great that there also extra products that you can buy to go with them as well.

Disney Puppy Dog Pals toys are available to buy in all good toy shops like Smyths, The Entertainer and Amazon.


Playing With The Disney Puppy Dog Pals

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