Weaning changes

Erin has now been on her weaning journey for about 5 weeks. She has taken to it so well and I don’t think there has really been anything she hasn’t liked so far. Of course, she does show that she likes some things more than others but she hasn’t spat anything out in disgust so far.

Last week I tried finger food with her for the first time and we had slightly mixed results. The first couple of days we did cucumber sticks and she loved it. She knew to comp down on the sticks and ate a good portion of what I gave her. A different day I gave her mango sticks and this did not go well at all. Erin loves mango but just couldn’t deal with it in stick form. It kept slipping from her fingers and she got quite upset about it.

After that, I sort of gave up on finger food.

Then the peas happened!

For a reason I will never know, Erin decided that the day she tried peas for the first time would also be the day she wanted to put her hands in the bowl for the first time. It was also the day that she went to grab the spoon herself. I was not expecting this at all! Once she got hold of that spoon she was so happy.

Since then Erin has shown that she wanted the spoon during most meals. She doesn’t do it straight away and she doesn’t do it all the time but if she does, that spoon is hers! Baby led weaning was not a plan but if she wants to do it herself then she can. We have also since had a messy play session at Baby Sensory but that’s a whole post all on its own!

Who does baby led weaning? Do you have any tips?

3 thoughts on “Weaning changes”

  1. Seems like Erin is doing pretty well!

    Has she tried pumpkin puree? I think she’ll love that tinge of sweetness:)

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