How We'll Be Spending Christmas Day

How We’ll Be Spending Christmas Day

This Christmas is going to be very different from any of the others we have had for a while. Last year it was just me, John and Erin. The year before I was 35 weeks pregnant and only a week away from having Erin. The year before that John and I spent it with his family but we no longer see most of them now. Everyone spends Christmas in their own way so I thought I’d write a bit about how we’ll be spending Christmas Day this year.

This year we are hosting Christmas at our house and we have my Mum, sister and her fiance staying with us. It has been quite a few years since we have all been together as a family for Christmas. I think it was 2012. My Mum lives about 6 hours away by train and my sister and her fiance currently live in London. We all have different things going on and work commitments so there hasn’t been much chance for us all to be together on Christmas Day for years. I don’t think my Mum has ever had time off over Christmas in the job she’s in now and she’s just celebrated 20 years service!

I know how excited John is going to be on Christmas morning. He gets up early on a normal day so I think I’m going to have to warn him to not wake the whole house up at a stupid time. I’m hoping that I can get up a bit before Erin does and get some yummy waffles prepared for breakfast for everyone! My sister tends to sleep quite a lot so I think we’ll have to wake her up. That will be Erin’s job! There’s no way she can say no to Erin! I’m not sure how well Erin will do being sat at the table while there is so much excitement going on so we have Yogaty pouches for her too.

How We'll Be Spending Christmas Day

Last Christmas Erin slept a lot and got tired very easily so we have to prepare ourselves to take a very long time to open presents. I think we might still be doing them on Boxing Day! I’ll have prepared most of our Christmas lunch the night before so that I can spend as much time with Erin as possible. I think Erin will get tired quite easily so I’ll lunch will be earlier rather than later so that we can all nap if we want to. Erin can easily sleep for 3 hours during the day so at least this will give everyone else chance to relax, sleep or open their own presents.

I’m not sure what we’ll be doing for our evening meal on Christmas Day yet. In previous years we have just had something easy like sandwiches or rolls and snacky foods. There’s no way I’m cooking twice, that’s for sure.

My family are really easy going though thankfully and no one will be too bothered about what we do on the day or if something doesn’t happen on time etc. This is the first year we have all been together and I cannot wait to spend the day with the people I love the most and the people who mean the most to me.

I’d love to know how you’re planning on spending your Christmas Day this year! Let me know in the comments. 

How We'll Be Spending Christmas Day

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  1. Ahhh, family Christmases are the best. I have a close family and we always spent the day together but my partner is the complete opposite and much prefers a quiet day. Our first Christmas Day as our own little family was spent in our own home, just the three of us, which was just as well as the kid was teething and I had a cold. This year we’re going to my mum’s for dinner and presents with my aunt, dad, brother and his girlfriend and their son. Certainly not quiet.

  2. Oh this sounds lovely. This year is a quiet one, we will open presents at our house, then head to my dads house, more present opening and lunch and dinner. nice relaxed and possibly go for a swim if its hot and not raining.

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