5 Destinations Perfect For The Whole Family

5 Destinations Perfect For The Whole Family

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If you’re looking for the perfect destination to take the whole family, it’s likely you’re growing bored of the same old options. Thankfully, there are plenty of potential places around the world perfectly suited to any age – if you’re seeking a unique and unexpected getaway for everyone to enjoy, look no further.

Here are 5 destinations perfectly suited to the whole family.

Walt Disney World, Florida

It likely doesn’t come as a surprise that Walt Disney World is perhaps the best destination in the world oriented specifically for families. The sprawling theme park is situated in Orlando, located in the very centre of Florida – for a perfect harmony of sun and adventure, the resort should be at the very top of your bucket list.

It’s a very diverse resort, too. You’ll actually find several parks here at Walt Disney World, all different from the next in their own special ways – from the sheer magic of the aptly-named Magic Kingdom to the dense jungles and thriving wildlife of neighbouring Animal Kingdom, with Epcot and the glitzy Hollywood Studios to boot, you and your family will be overwhelmed with the sheer amount on offer here.

Whether you’re seeking thrills, entertainment or a family holiday that’s removed from the norm, Walt Disney World is where you’ll find it all and more.

A safari adventure in India

You may not have known it, but India is indisputably one of the world’s most illustrious destinations for a safari adventure. With such an abundance of wildlife roaming its sprawling national parks – it’s the only remaining country in the world where tigers and lions coexist in the wild – it’s no wonder families flock here to discover the wonders of India’s nature themselves.

Ranthambore and Bandhavgarh are the two national parks most often visited, but there’s a wealth of alternatives throughout the country offering equally as exciting and fruitful adventures. Consider staying on-site, too – these national parks often play host to inventive and authentic accommodation options.

Greek Islands

If you’re seeking a relaxed and easy beach getaway, the Greek Islands are an underrated choice. Situated in the midst of Europe, not too far removed from the mainland where many families usually choose to travel to, the Greek Islands play host to many potential destinations for you to escape to.

Islands such as Kos, Corfu and Crete are the more common choices, the latter being the most-populated of all – consider visiting here if you’re looking for a quiet yet developed and safe destination. Pregnant travellers should consider Greece’s islands for a relaxing, serene getaway too, especially if you’re looking to get rid of some pent-up stress.

A New Zealand road trip

Why not consider a road trip? It’s a perfect idea for a unique and different family holiday – when the freedom of the open road awaits, your opportunities are practically endless. Consider New Zealand as one of the best options, with such a diverse range of potential destinations to be discovered on both islands.

From the major cities such as Auckland to smaller, culturally valued regions like Rotorua – where you’ll find the largest population of Maori people in the entirety of the country – there’s an abundance to be seen and done here, and the best way to do it all is by hitting the roads and discovering it of your own accord.

Barcelona, Spain

For a city break that’s as relaxing as it is rewarding, Barcelona is your best bet. Catalonia’s capital offers an abundance in the way of sights, culture and history – consider bringing the little ones here for a relaxed balance of it all that won’t overwhelm or confuse them. The weather is pleasant year-round. However, you’ll experience the absolute best weather in Barcelona from May to the end of July.

Perhaps the biggest and most renowned sight of all is La Sagrada Familia, the towering church that is still under construction over 130 years since it first broke ground. Its details are intricate and spectacular, and its interior is only more impressive. Elsewhere, be sure to take a leisurely stroll down the ramblas, taking in the palpable atmosphere as you do.

Do you have any more recommendations for potential family destinations around the world? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

5 Destinations Perfect For The Whole Family

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