Storytime Saturday: We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

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Storytime Saturday a weekly blog feature showcasing any new books we’ve been reading with Erin, reviewing picture books and talking about our monthly library haul! Basically, Storytime Saturday is all about books! This week we’re showcasing two different ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’ books published by Walker Books.

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt is such a popular children’s book and I love that there are extra books to go with it now. We’re really keen to encourage Erin to be an outdoorsy child (not that she needs encouraging at the minute) which is why I love the look of these books.

A wonderfully interactive journal for young explorer’s to record, create and experience the natural world. This companion title to We’re Going on a Bear Hunt: An Adventure Field Guide is the perfect place for young nature enthusiasts to record their outdoor experiences; the animals and plants seen, weather conditions, cloud formations and much, much more. With abundant space to write, draw and preserve leaves and flowers, as well as simple art and nature-inspired projects to complete, this book invites readers to explore their world, be inspired by nature and create a keepsake journal of their outdoor adventures.

This book will keep any child occupied for such a long time and it’s perfect for taking out on any adventure. The pages are bright, colourful and have lots of space for writing in discoveries. I love that there are different tasks on each page and they are all different. The journal helps little explorers discover the seaside, trees, animal noises and much, much more!

An inspiring and fun field guide to the natural world, featuring artwork from the animated special of We’re Going on a Bear Hunt. Inspired by and featuring artwork from the animated special, this field guide to the natural world is informational and fun. Young naturalists will discover a wealth of facts about plants and animals, bugs and birds, clouds, the night sky, the weather, and so much more. City and country kids alike will find much to discover, from urban streets to the remotest forest. The book features facts galore, but also recipes, science projects, and tips for how kids can help protect the environment. Whether skipping Swishy-swashing through the grass, or squelch-squelching through the mud, there’s something here for everyone.

This book is quite different to the journal in that it is more of a teaching book than a doing book. After an initial section about planning on being safe while on adventures, it is then split into 8 different sections:

1. High in the sky
2. Down in the Ground
3. Further Afield
4. Tiny Plants and Tall Trees
5. Incredible Creepy Crawlies
6. Extraordinary Creatures
7. Keeping On Track
8. The Big Wide World

This is a book to teach little ones about nature, animals and what they do/ eat, bugs, woodland areas, the countryside and a lot more!

While Erin is a bit too young to really be able to do anything in these books they have given me some fantastic idea for things to do with her/ teach her already! 

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