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Tuff Tray Play: Playdoh

It’s been a couple of months now since we’ve had our Tuff Tray. I hate to say it but we haven’t used it nearly enough. However, not long ago we did try to introduce Erin to Playdoh and this is how it went!

Seeing as Erin had never seen or played with Playdoh before we didn’t go for anything too complicated. In fact, I did the most simple thing I could think of. I gave Erin a tub of Playdoh and let her figure it out.

Erin was very unsure about the Playdoh to start off with. She was more interested in the tubs than the good stuff for quite a while. She would poke her finger in then come running back over to me because she didn’t know what it was. She also discovered the plastic shapes I was using to cut out the Playdoh.

I think we must have had the Playdoh out for about an hour and it took about that long for Erin to really get into it. By the end she was collecting up any smaller bits and getting it all together in a nice ball, ready to put back in the tub.

While this activity didn’t really go completely as planned, I think Erin had loads of fun in the end. I need to remember to do these things more often with her so she really gets used to the feeling, rather than do it once and forget about it. She’s starting nursery in January so will be doing things like this all the time!

Do you have a Tuff Tray? What kinds of things do you do with it?


Play Doh Tuff Tray

7 thoughts on “Tuff Tray Play: Playdoh”

  1. Looks like fun! It is so weird seeing them standing/walking all the time isn’t it. I still can’t get used to it.

  2. This looks such fun. For some reason we never use our tuff spot for playdoh, it looks like it reduces the mess though, so will have to start using it!

  3. Play doh was great sensory fun for my kids helped then to calm down all that squishing and squeezing. No tuff tray just scraping bits of the dining table!

  4. Not heard of Tuff Tray. My older 2 love Play Doh but haven’t been brave enough to let Zach loose on it yet 🙂

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