What a spoiled dog!

When we first got Jackson we let him do whatever he wanted. As nice as it was to have him up on the couch with us for cuddles we realised this had to change as soon as we found out that I was pregnant.

Instead of banning Jackson from the furniture completely, even though John wanted to, I said he could sit/ sleep in the arm chair. I used to sit in the chair and John and Jackson would have the couch but we moved things around a bit so that there was a barrier between us. However, when we had company round this really didn’t work. We don’t have much seating in our living room so people have to sit in Jackson’s chair, making him feel really put out!

A customer from work was advertising a sofa bed for free on Facebay a couple of weeks back and I jumped at the chance. I’d been saying to John for a while that I wouldn’t mind Jackson having his own sofa if we could get one cheap enough. We’re lucky enough to have a 24ft living room with additional (my library) space to the side so space wasn’t really an issue.

So, after sweet talking this lady into delivering the sofa bed for us as neither of us drive (I’ve looked after her very well as a customer) Jackson ended up with his very own bed! He has never liked actual dog beds and has tended to eat every one I’ve bought him in the past so this one is fabulous! His bed is out of the living room so he has somewhere comfy to lay but he’s not on top of us any more.

I know some people spend hundreds of pounds on posh dog beds but this works so well for us. Doesn’t Jackson look comfy?!

5 thoughts on “What a spoiled dog!”

  1. Awww Jackson looks so happy on his new sofa/bed. Lovely photos and one very spoiled dog 🙂 xx

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