Erin’s first cold

My poor little girl is poorly for the first time and I absolutely hate it. Not that I’d enjoy it any other time of course!

Over the past couple of days Erin has had her first cold and she really hasn’t coped too well with it. Her poor little nose is so blocked up, even with the aids of Snuffle Babe and a nasal spray and she can’t quite figure out how to breathe properly while keeping her dummy in her mouth at the same time. This has led to a few horrible nights of sleep for both me and Erin. You see, Erin sleeps next to me in her moses basket so I hear every little noise she makes. When she spends the night thrashing herself about and snorting a whole lot, it means I don’t sleep either.

The not sleeping thing I can sort of handle, although it does make me a very grumpy Lyndsey. It also makes Erin super irritable and that is where things went horribly wrong. Erin spent a couple of days after not sleeping at night also not being able to nap properly during the day. Her lack of sleep meant she was the grumpiest little girl I’ve ever known. She hasn’t enjoyed hugs, she hasn’t enjoyed playing and didn’t enjoy Baby Sensory this week even though we had amazing light shows. Instead, she fell asleep after 20 minutes because she’d worn herself out so much. In two days we had about 30 minutes of happy chatting and kicking about when John came home from work on Friday evening.

As you can see from the picture, Erin has been wrapped in her poorly blanket to help her feel better. My sister and I always had a crocheted poorly blanket when we were children so when someone made us a couple, I knew exactly what they’d be for. She’s going to need a bigger blanket eventually though!

Do you remember the first time your little one was ill? I’m sure you thought even a little cold was as horrible as I have!

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