Pen Heaven Pet Photo Album

I am such a big fan of taking photos and creating photo albums into themes; holidays, people, places etc. Just recently we had the chance to put together a photo album for Jackson with the help from Pen Heaven. When the photo album arrived I was pretty amazed! The album comes beautifully wrapped and then in a cream presentation box. The whole photo album feels luxurious and I would expect so for the RRP of £59.99. The photo album is quite large, measuring H 305mm x W 220mm x D 55mm. The pages are slightly

Man’s best friend

John is always telling me that he’s not anyone’s favourite. Obviously I love everyone in my family in different ways. John knows there is this special bond between Erin and I that he can’t compete with sometimes. Just recently Erin has been really needy because she’s been ill and has only wanted me and John has felt left out. I thought I’d write about John’s best friend Jackson! John may not think so but Jackson really does love him best. Jackson has had a few issues with figuring out who the pack leader is, especially

What a spoiled dog!

When we first got Jackson we let him do whatever he wanted. As nice as it was to have him up on the couch with us for cuddles we realised this had to change as soon as we found out that I was pregnant. Instead of banning Jackson from the furniture completely, even though John wanted to, I said he could sit/ sleep in the arm chair. I used to sit in the chair and John and Jackson would have the couch but we moved things around a bit so that there was a barrier

Still a monster!

Recently the blog has been taken over by all things baby related and I had to remind myself of the title! It’s not all about Erin but also my husband John, our life together and Jackson, Flopsy and Mopsy, who haven’t had a look in for a long time now. Jackson is now 16 months old and he’s slowly starting to calm down. When I say slowly, I mean very slowly. While I was pregnant we had a few issues with Jackson. For some reason he decided that he no longer wanted to listen to

Jackson’s holiday

John and I are going on holiday in September for the first time since we got Jackson and leaving him at the local kennels for 7 nights was a bit much for his first time. So, as we had a couple of busy days with us being out a lot we decided to put him in for 2 nights as a trial to see how he got on. The staff at Norstead Hall were really understanding about it being his first time away from home and did everything they could to keep him calm while we left. Jackson