What Do Your Kitchen Cabinets Say About You

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Dubbed by many as the heart of the home, your kitchen can reveal a lot about who you are – especially when it comes to your choice of cabinets. To suss out what your cupboards say about you, keep reading.

Timeless tradition

From retro shaker style frontals to simple panelled designs, there’s something undeniably elegant about traditional cupboards. If this type of cabinetry is a chosen feature in your kitchen, it’s likely you crave cosiness. This style of cupboard is the perfect fit for helping you create a cute and oh-so charming space to spend time in, regardless of whether you’re rustling up a delicious meal with your family or catching up with friends.

There are a range of different materials that can help you get that timeless traditional look spot on, such as solid oak. As kitchen specialists Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets point out, this timber is ideal for adding warmth and beauty throughout this room. Married up with wood grain countertops, a classic Belfast sink and vintage-looking accessories, you’ve got yourself a gorgeous, homely cooking space.

Modern minimalism

On the other hand, perhaps you’re all about modern minimalism. If your space is kitted out with smooth, shiny, high gloss frontals, it’s likely things run a little differently in your kitchen. This style of cabinetry exudes simplicity and sophistication, revealing that you’re all about cool, cutting-edge style rather than getting too hung up on the fuss of the finer details.

Your choice of cabinet colour can divulge a lot about your personality too. For instance, shades of jet black, pure white and soft grey show off your serious side, while hues such as navy blue and dark teal indicate that you’re not afraid to push the boundaries now and again.

Electrifyingly eclectic

Is your kitchen style a little bit all over the place? Whether you’ve gone for multicoloured door frontals or you’ve chosen cabinetry that doesn’t even match, your unique choices are proof that there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Your quirky, electrifyingly eclectic cupboard selection shows that you don’t take anything too seriously – especially your kitchen decor. Despite this mismatch, somewhat chaotic approach to your cooking space setup, there’s no doubt you give off a warm, welcoming vibe to anyone who visits your home.

What does your kitchen look like? Share your personal decor style in the comments below!


What Do Your Kitchen Cabinets Say About You

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