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What to do when you develop allergies later in life

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It’s really strange how you can go for a lot of your life without suffering from any allergies whatsoever to them sneaking up on you later in life. You might think rubbing your eyes a bit more every now and again is nothing but maybe it’s developing hay fever or having an allergy to dust.

In fact, most allergies can be distinguished at a very early stage in life and it becomes much easier to avoid them. Food allergies, for example, can be found out in babies at a very early stage of life. When a baby is being introduced to solid food it becomes very clear whether there is an allergy from a specific product or not. Food allergies in babies can be very different ranging from baby milk allergies, nut allergies, baby egg allergies, peanut allergies, etc. These types of allergies usually continue to be seen even in adult years.

The thing with allergies, no matter what age you are, is that you might not know what you are allergic to until you come into contact with something. For example, you might not know that you are allergic to goats until you visit a zoo with your children for the first time or you might not know that you are allergic to certain seafood until you try it for the first time while you’re on holiday. There are also so many different things that you can be allergic to and I definitely didn’t know about a lot of them until recently.

Up until a couple of years ago I had no real issues with allergies that I knew of. However, when I was about 32 my eyes started to get really irritated when Spring came around. I felt my eyes being drier and itchy, I wouldn’t be able to wear make-up as much as my eyes would just stream and run down my face. Of course, then the mascara mixed in with itchy eyes just made everything a bit of a nightmare. Thankfully, I discovered having my eyelashes tinted so I could stop having such an issue. I know what it’s like to have something creep up on you and I didn’t even know I could have developed hay fever in my 30s.

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Although I know of children being tested for various allergies in a hospital setting, something I didn’t know before was that you can do allergy test kits at home, which are available from Klarify.me. The Home Allergy Test is a home to lab test that can test for 294 different allergies (did you know there was that many?!).

Testing for allergies with Klarify.me is really easy to do. When the home allergy test arrives you need to collect a small sample of blood to send off to the lab and then, within 2 weeks you’ll be sent a report of the findings. I personally don’t like anything that’s too complicated to do or to understand so this sounds like something you can do quickly at home yourself and then sit back and wait for the results to come through. Speaking of results, if you’re curious as to what they might look like, you can see a sample report here.

It’s really good to know that there is something that you can do from the comfort of your own home to help you figure these things out but of course, you can also go to your GP as well. Are you allergic to anything or have you ever done a test at home? Let me know!


What to do when you develop allergies later in life

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