What To Think About When Designing Your Child's Bedroom

What To Think About When Designing Your Child’s Bedroom

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When we bought our house we did so with the idea in mind that Erin would have a fairly big bedroom. I always had a small bedroom and I never felt like I could really spread out and relax in there. I had the box room for a long time and I remember wanting to have options for where my furniture went or I wanted to be able to have friends over without being squished. Now that we have a house with space and Erin has a room with loads of options, I can really think about how it’s laid out and what she might need.


No matter what age, I think a bedroom should be a really cosy for a child. While hard floors are easy to clean they aren’t very comfortable and they can also make a room quite cold. I personally love to wake up and put my feet on a really soft, fluffy carpet and I don’t see why this should be any different for children.

The great thing about carpets is that they come in any colour or pattern you can think of so it’s easy to match one with the room’s decor and colour scheme.

Wall space

Making the most of empty wall space is something that is such a good idea, especially in smaller bedrooms. If your child’s bedroom lacks space for furniture or storage then adding shelves to the walls could open up a lot of options. Shelves can be a great place to display wall art, decorative items or can also be used as somewhere for books. This then frees up valuable floor space for larger items.

I hate bedrooms that look really plain and by using the wall space you can really add something special to a room. There are lots of things to think about such as painted murals, hung picture frames and even wall stickers. The latter could be an ideal choice for a child’s bedroom as they can be easily removed when you want to change the colour scheme!

Child's bedroom


Something I never had a lot of was storage. I remember not even having a wardrobe for a really long time because it just didn’t fit in my room. As we live in an old Victorian house we have chimney breasts and alcoves which can make bedrooms a bit awkward. Instead of seeing it as a negative, we have used one alcove in Erin’s room for her large wardrobe which has shelves to one side and drawers at the bottom. This kind of storage for Erin’s clothes saves us space by not needing much other furniture in the room.

The one other big piece of furniture that was a must have for Erin’s bedroom was her Ikea Kallax unit. This piece is so versatile and can be used for all kinds of things. We bought one of the bigger units and this means we can use it for bedding etc. in the sections with doors and we can also use it for books and toys!



What To Think About When Designing Your Child's Bedroom

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