How to decorate a gender-neutral nursery

How to decorate a gender-neutral nursery

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Having a baby is easily one of the most exciting times of your entire life, although, getting the nursery ready for the new arrival can be very stressful, especially when you have no idea whether you’re having a baby boy or baby girl.

But fear not, there are plenty of gender neutral colours that you can choose to decorate the nursery in. Plus, you’ll be happy to hear that yellow is not the only gender-neutral shade.

If you have a baby on the way (congratulations!) and have stumbled across this post in hope of some great hints and tips for decorating your gender-neutral nursery, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are just a few:

Choose the Furniture First

Considering how small babies are, they need a lot of furniture which takes up a large amount of space. They’ll need a cot and a nursing chair, as well as a wardrobe to hold the hundreds of baby grows you can’t resist buying. The furniture will be a huge investment for the room as it will last until they get too big for their cots and will have to upgrade to children’s beds.

There is no going wrong with white furniture when it comes to a gender-neutral nursery. Babies are too young to start drawing all over the furniture, so take advantage of getting clean, white furniture while you can!

By choosing the furniture first, it will give you an idea on how to lay the room out and it may inspire you in choosing colours for the walls.

Painting the Walls

Please note, yellow is not the only gender-neutral colour for a baby’s bedroom and there are plenty more colours that you can choose to decorate the nursery in. One funky option would be to paint two walls baby blue and the other half of the room a pastel pink – colours associated with gender need to be challenged and this is a good chance to do so.

A second option would be to paint three out of four of the walls white, beige or grey. This will ensure that the bedroom won’t be too overwhelming with bright colours, while the fourth wall will be the statement wall with your choice of print (animals and teddy bears are a good option) or colour.

Some colours that have no association with boys or girls are coral, red and a nice pastel green colour – all of which would look great in a nursery.

Add Texture to Create Warmth

It is so easy to forget homely pieces when it comes to decorating the nursery – there are plenty more baby related worries that you’d have on your mind prior to the birth day.

Muted colours can tend to make a room feel a little cold, or maybe a little dark, which is why adding funky, textured furniture is a necessity.

Some home furniture that could be added to the nursery to give it a little more warmth could include a furry throw over the back of the nursing chair, as well as a big fluffy rug in the middle. Lamp shades are also a great inclusion and can also be very useful when you don’t want the bright light in the room during the mid-night wake up call.

Choosing the Perfect Mattress for Spine Development

Not many new parents know that choosing a mattress for your baby is super important for their spine development and growth, and many often choose to get the mattress that is described as either the comfiest or the best value for money.

For more information on this, Happy Beds have created a blog post on choosing the best mattress for your child which explains the benefits to getting sturdy, yet comfortable mattresses.


How To Decorate A Gender-Neutral Nursery

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