What You Need to Know About CBD Capsules and Marijuana Pills

What You Need to Know About CBD Capsules and Marijuana Pills

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There are many different names for CBD capsules. Some people refer to them as CBD tablets or CBD/marijuana pills. However, it is incorrect to use these terms interchangeably as there are a few differences. This article explores the differences between capsules and pills. First, however, it is important to differentiate between CBD and marijuana.

Are Marijuana Pills the Same as CBD Pills?

No! This is because marijuana and hemp have different classifications. The 2018 Farm Bill separated the two plants by legalizing hemp cultivation while doing nothing to permit marijuana growing.

In the United States, marijuana is Cannabis sativa L. that contains more than 0.3% THC. THC is the most abundant intoxicating compound in the marijuana plant and is responsible for causing an intoxicating high. In contrast, the term ‘hemp’ is given to cannabis with 0.3% THC or less by dry weight.

Due to this legal distinction, sellers of CBD pills usually ensure their products are derived from hemp plants. They can only use marijuana or sell intoxicating marijuana pills in states where the substance is legal. However, it is important to note that research suggests that both CBD and THC have potential therapeutic benefits. 

Another common error consumers make is to browse for CBD capsules and pills in the belief they are the same. In reality, there are some important distinctions that could help you decide to use one over the other.

What is a CBD Pill?

A tablet is a common type of pill, so it is okay to use the terms interchangeably for the most part. Pills are relatively inexpensive and a safe and effective means of consuming medication orally.

Typically, creating CBD pills may involve compressing CBD isolate powder or a full-spectrum blend into a hard tablet with a smooth coating for easy swallowing. Additional ingredients may hold the pill together or even improve the texture or taste.

Apart from the common oblong and round-shaped pills, you may also find disc-shaped versions. In some cases, there’s a line created through the center to make it easier to split in half.

Certain CBD sellers may offer chewable tablets which break down on their own in your saliva.

What is a CBD Capsule?

A CBD capsule includes cannabidiol and other ingredients enclosed in an outer shell. Once you swallow the capsule, its casing is dissolved in the digestive tract. The CBD is ‘free’ to be absorbed into the bloodstream at this stage. 

CBD softgel capsules are becoming increasingly popular. They are slightly different in appearance from the standard version insofar as they are often wider and slightly transparent. Also called liquid gels, CBD softgels contain cannabinoids suspended in a substance like gelatin. Once consumed, this substance is easily digested.   

CBD Pills – Pros and Cons

Read the following CBD pills pros and cons to see if they are a good option for you.


  • Pills usually have a longer shelf-life than capsules
  • CBD sellers can potentially place a higher concentration of the cannabinoid in a pill than in a capsule
  • You can split a CBD pill in half if you wish
  • There are chewable versions


  • Pills could irritate the GI tract more than capsules
  • Some CBD tablets can leave a nasty aftertaste
  • CBD pills may take longer to get to work than capsules

CBD Capsules – Pros and Cons

Let’s see how CBD capsules compare. 


  • CBD capsules can work relatively quickly
  • It is harder to tamper with capsules than pills
  • CBD capsules have a higher rate of bioavailability than pills
  • No unpleasant taste


  • Capsules are more likely to react to conditions such as humidity than pills
  • Manufacturers find it hard to put significant doses of medication in capsules
  • Certain capsules contain animal products such as gelatin, meaning they are not suitable for vegans and vegetarians

CBD Pills or CBD Capsules: Which One Is Best?

Ultimately, there is no clear ‘winner’ as both have advantages and disadvantages. If you want something that’s easy to swallow and doesn’t leave a nasty aftertaste, CBD capsules are probably the best option.

Conversely, if you want to have the option to split your dosage in two or buy a chewable product, CBD pills might be more suitable.

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