Why Your Spring Lake MI AC System and Thermostat Stopped Working

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When it comes to your air-con systems there are a few different problems you can come across. It is important to get your conditioning system serviced often to prevent major issues from arising. However, you can never prevent all problems, so you need to know what to do when things go wrong.

A broken thermostat is one of the most common problems but can often go unnoticed. Some control malfunctions just cause small changes in the performance of your AC system. However, there are certain things you might notice – such as an incorrect temperature, or the power seems to have stopped working – that you can troubleshoot and try to fix yourself.

In this article, we take a look at some of the main reasons why your AC system and regulator stopped working and what you can do to fix them. It is worth noting that while you can often troubleshoot the issue yourself, often it is better to call in the help of professionals to prevent causing any further issues or making things worse.

When you are having a control installed or serviced, look out for experienced HVAC installation teams such as Westshore Mechanical. Investing in a professional, knowledgeable team will help your HVAC system last longer and prevent the same issues from happening again.

Common AC System and Thermostat Problems 

Your Thermostat has no Power
If your air-con system suddenly stops working, check whether the display on the regulator is lit. If it is not, there are a few reasons why: it could be that it’s disconnected from the power source, batteries have run out, or a fuse has blown. You can also try taking it apart and examining the inside. There could be dirt or debris that you can gently clean off. 

Likewise, look out for any loose screws and tighten them up if you can. If it is lit, try turning off the device, leaving it for 1 minute, and turning it back on again before troubleshooting any other issues. Remember though, if you are concerned about doing anything yourself you can call a professional on site, who will be able to take a look and advise you. Some even offer emergency services at odd hours of the day and night.

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Your Thermostat is in the Wrong Place
If you are having trouble with the temperature of your home it could be an issue with the positioning of your thermostat. If it is in direct sunlight or near another heat source, the device will read that the house is much hotter than it is. Likewise, if it is in a cold area of the house like an uninsulated cupboard it will read the house as too cold. This website gives you information on where to put your regulator.
Move your device to an area that is unimpacted by sunlight, heat or cool, and reflects the general temperature of the rest of your house. If you are still having trouble then contact a professional.

Your Thermostat Needs Replacing
Older ones tend to malfunction so it is important to replace these semi-regularly. Especially if you have a very old, out-of-date thermostat it is going to be much more likely to break. Consider replacing your old sensor with a more modern version that you can program.

When to Hire an Air-con Professional

Now, some things need a professional. Especially if it is a particularly hot or especially cold time of year, and it is more of an emergency, you should call out an air conditioning service team to look at your issues. No one wants to be living in an uncomfortable environment, so it is a good idea to have an air-con repair team on-hand who you know and trust.

If your sensor continues to malfunction and you need it replaced, speak to a professional about what type of control you should get. They will also be able to replace it for you.

Likewise, if your system starts making any funny noises or doing anything out of the ordinary it is best to speak to a professional team who know what they are doing. If you hire a good company, they will be able to provide you with a fair quote for the work with a quick turnaround. You will have your HVAC system working at peak efficiency again in no time!

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