Year-Round Vinyl? The People Want to Know

Year-Round Vinyl? The People Want to Know

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People want to know if flooring options such as luxury vinyl flooring is suitable for all the elements the year brings. Be it rain, snow, heat or year-round dirt, most floors are going to see more than a fair amount of stress-inducing damage and costly fixes – is vinyl flooring any different?

It is here that home improvement experts are saying that not only is vinyl a cost-effective solution, but it is also easily implemented and an all-around lifetime durable option. For this, we look at the leading brand of Invictus to determine the outcome.

Shift in Weather

With Spring the most uncertain of seasons in regards to weather, Invictus flooring has you and your floor covered for anything the weather can throw at you.

Spring is considered the most unsure season for rain, sun and even snow on occasion, so it provides relief in being sure that your floor won’t have any water from wet clothes or footprints, through the house soaking through due to water-resistant layering. No moisture in the air will breach your floor and cause a need to replace sections, so you save a lot on replacement costs.

Hotter Months

With the hot season of summer, you will experience a lot more outside activity, especially if you have young ones who love to tear through the house. 

Whether faced with grass stains or children dumping muddy shoes in the kitchen, your flooring is secure with scratch-proof wear layers and an easily cleanable design so as not to ruin its look. With the hotter months, you can also rest easy in the knowledge that humidity will not affect your flooring and cause tiles to rise. Rises and drops in temperature affect a lot of flooring that is held in place, but vinyl can be either clicked together with planks or glue down vinyl flooring tiles with adhesive, which will not be affected by changes in heat.

19795840 - colour image kitchen in newly restored rebuilt house work surfaces
19795840 – colour image kitchen in newly restored rebuilt house work surfaces

Cooler Months

As summer comes to an end you can be sure that no additional precautions will be needed to prepare your floor for it getting colder.

Vinyl flooring is the perfect companion for underfloor heating systems, so as the warm month’s transition into colder ones you can continue to feel the warmth until they come back around – and do it within any room in the house. No stepping out of a hot shower to a cold stone bathroom when you can have a design-suited Invictus option perfectly replicating the look of the real thing.

Cold Months

That march through December into the new year is typically one of cold, freezing and even blisteringly cold morning welcomes.

Real hardwood floors can feel cold or need the use of a rug to provide some warmth to the room, but vinyl’s ability to replicate a wooden floor with the benefit of heating underneath means that the sudden cold in the air won’t affect your flooring.

Luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect product to last all year round every year, requiring just light maintenance to keep it healthy and long-lasting. 

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