Emergency items that should always be in your car

Emergency items that should always be in your car

Cars do break down, people do get lost or they do go off the road. It really happens. People die because they are unprepared for the worst case scenario that could have otherwise been prevented by just stowing a few extra essential items in your car.

These items could be kept in the back, under a seat, or in some other out-of-the-way spot but they could save your life someday. Besides the normal documentation, jumper cables, and perhaps a spare tire, the following emergency items should always be in your car no matter how far or routine the trip is.

First aid kits

A First aid kit is essential. Varying in price and size these can literally save you or your passenger’s life. These kits can be bought or custom-made, but always contain the essentials for treating injuries. After a car wreck, an ambulance is not always on its way. Sometimes people go off the road and out of sight or crash in a remote environment. Under these circumstances when professional treatment is out of sight your med kit is only a seat away.

Food and water

Food and water are other essentials. With these items space is a limiting factor. Usually, a bunch of water bottles or a gallon jug would be fine tucked in the back. For food, your best option is something that keeps well such as survival bars. Be prepared to change the food and water every now and then so it stays fresh.


A knife or multi-tool is another absolute essential. These can range in complexity as well as price and are generally really small. Most of the gadgets’ functions can be done with just a knife if you’re not willing to spend a lot extra. The point of the knife is that it is very versatile and adept at performing a variety of tasks.


A jacket or sweatshirt should always be kept in the back. A car breaks down or simply will not start could leave you in the cold. Even in warm climates the temperature can surprise you. A blanket is also a good bet for the same reason. Who knows when you might have to spend a cold night in your car?

Lights and fire options

A flashlight along with spare batteries can be useful for looking under the hood or under the car. It also helps out a lot at night. Batteries do not last forever so be sure to test them every once and a while.

It’s best to always carry at least two ways to start a fire, so maybe matches and a lighter? If one fails you have a backup. If your lighter gets wet or breaks the matches are a backup, and hopefully, you bought the waterproofed kind. Fire is an essential tool for survival anywhere, so if you’re not experienced with starting a fire then it might be wise to also bring some fire starter or even some newspaper around too.

With all this in your car you’re ready for almost anything. It is amazing how these few simple items can save one’s life. If you have specific medical needs or issues such as diabetes it is also suggested to keep extra medical supplies in your car just so you have them in case of emergency. Also, add anything else you might think you will need in a survival scenario it’s best to be prepared rather than dead. Better safe than sorry.

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