10 must-do things in Stockholm

10 must-do things in Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the world’s most beautiful capital cities; it’s built on 14 small islands connected with 57 bridges. The wonderful buildings, the verdure, the fresh air, and the nearness to the sea is the hallmark of this city. Here you can find the world’s first national park called Ekoparken, as a green lung is constantly present in the big city life.

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden, placed in northern Europe. The city has a history that goes 750 years back in time, and its rich cultural life offers a wide range of museums and many sights worth seeing. Because Stockholm is a relatively small town, it is near to everything, and the sights worth seeing can be reached by walking. The chance to do and see many things in one day is big. You can experience the big city life, social history, and nature, everything during the course of one day!

While in Stockholm, be sure to visit these interesting and exciting locations. Both in and around the city, there are a large number of sights and activities. So check them out, and get a taste of what Sweden has to offer!

Gamla Stan

The main tourist thoroughfare, Gamla Stan, is a busy street full of shops and stores, bars and cafes, and restaurants serving all types of food. With throngs of people both night and day, this lively street is a great place to feel the excitement and pulse of the city. Check out the clothing stores for some of the latest Swedish fashions. You may also want to take a look at the huge music stores with their wide variety of popular music from Europe and elsewhere.


This island is home to one of the oldest parts of town, and amid the small windy streets are a large number of sights and experiences. Check out the various churches hidden away between buildings and get lost amid the many plazas and alleyways. Traditional shops and stores abound in this part of town, featuring hand-made wooden toys and crafts.

Skansen Zoo

The large city park is a great way to get away from the bustle of the center city. The park has a variety of things, including a traditional farm, complete with sheep and goats, and an activities center that hosts lessons in traditional Swedish dances. The large zoo features a variety of animals in their natural settings, including moose, bobcats, and even wild buffalo. After taking a tour of the park, visitors can check out the amusement park across the street, with a range of rides and games and gift shops, and snack bars.

National Museum

The best stop is the National Museum for visitors looking for a little more culture and history. Right on the water, facing the center city and the palace, the National Museum is just a short walk from a variety of other activities. Inside, changing art exhibits offer glimpses into foreign art, while a permanent collection of Swedish design through history shows the progression from ornate 18th-century art to the ultra-modern Swedish design known today.

Kungstrad Garden

The large park and garden to the north of the city offer a delightful getaway from the busy streets of Stockholm. Wander through the paths and check out the nearby shops and stores.


Though it may not look like much from the outside, the Swedish palace is still the seat of the royal family and is considerably more intricate and beautiful on the inside. Historically, the Swedish palace used to be a beautiful and ornate building but was unfortunately lost in a fire. When it was rebuilt, the architects decided upon the current rectangular design. Tours are available, or guards can sneak a peek inside before being shooed away. Across the river lies the beautiful Parliament building, also well worth a look.

Museum of Modern Art

Located on the so-called ‘Museum Island,’ Stockholm’s Museum of Modern Art is a contemporary art and sculpture gem. With an enormous collection of paintings and installations from the entire history of modern art, the museum contains more pieces than would be possible to view in a single sitting. Pick and choose among your favourites, and then take a cruise through the gift shop, which offers a range of artistic and modern products to improve your home or office decor.

Swedish Archipelago

The Swedish archipelago is about an hour outside of Stockholm, a natural formation of thousands of islands and inlets with shallow waters and lush forests. The location is a wonderful place to see the natural landscape, and the drive down provides some beautiful views of the Swedish countryside. So take a day trip to the archipelago, or rent a boat for the day and enjoy the sun and warm waters.

Summer Palace

The actual home of the Swedish Royal family, the summer palace has much more of a traditional palace look. With extensive French gardens, fountains, a small Opera House, and stables on the premises, the palace grounds are delightful to walk and explore. Along the nearby river lie many willow trees and other water plants and flocks of swans and geese.


You should definitely make an excursion to Sigtuna – the oldest town in Sweden, built in the 800th century. You go there by bus, train or boat from Stockholm city. In Sigtuna, you can take a nice little walk in the town of old wood buildings, and go down to the lake of M�laren and continue your walk there. You can take a break at one of the cozy cafes in the area and visit a very interesting museum.

Around Sigtuna, there are many runic stones to go and watch if you are interested in history. In the area around Sigtuna, there are also three beautiful castles to go and visit if you’ve got time left. They are the castle of Steninge, the castle of Rosersberg, and Skokloster.

You can also experience Stockholm from above. Stockholm is one of few cities where balloons are allowed. The experience of a noiseless, gliding ride in a balloon over the city and the view from the sky is an unforgettable thing to do!

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