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10 of the best Yoto Cards for bedtime

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Bedtime can be a difficult time for both parents and children. Yoto players can be a great alternative to reading, and encourages independence from children. With an array of enchanting stories, soothing sounds, and gentle lullabies, Yoto Cards offer a gateway to a world of imagination and relaxation. In this post, we’ll delve into the realm of the best Yoto Cards for bedtime.

What is a Yoto player?

Yoto has a couple of different Yoto players, the original Yoto player (3rd generation) and the Yoto mini player. The Yoto player is a portable audio player that uses story cards to play audio content, such as audio books. 

The great thing about Yoto players is that they can be used by all family members, including little kids and older kids. They are a great way to minimise screen time, and encourage children to do story time a little bit differently. 

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Yoto Cards

Yoto players work with Yoto cards, which are physical cards, roughly the size of a credit card. To play the card, you insert a Yoto card into the top, where there is a card slot provided. In this case, it would be at the top of the Yoto Mini. Once inserted, the player will begin to play the audio from the card. 

Yoto offer a really wide range of Yoto Cards, which can be purchased via the online shop on the Yoto website. You can filter the cards by things like age, creator, character or best sellers and new releases. This is a really easy way to narrow down your choices and find something suitable for the child you’re buying for. Different kind of cards include:

  • Classic stories
  • Music cards
  • Educational 
  • Make Your Own Card (aka myo cards)
  • Sleep sounds
  • Meditation

These are just a few of the types of Yoto cards available and I’m sure you’ll find stories from a lot of your and your children’s favourite authors. Sometimes a card will be singular and sometimes you’ll be able to get a pack from either the same author or of the same theme. Your children might be huge fans of Roald Dahl or Enid Blyton, where sets are available. Maybe they’ll like more specific topics like educational content or music cards. Whichever your children prefer, there’s definitely something for children of all ages. 

Check out the full range of Yoto cards

The best Yoto cards for bedtime

Getting your child’s bedtime routine just right can be tricky. However, you can’t go wrong with story time before turning the lights out. Yoto offers a fantastic range of Yoto cards, perfect for bedtime. You’ll find 10 of the best Yoto cards for bedtime below:

1. Bedtime Stories For…

A collection of original audio stories perfect for bedtime! There are Yoto Cards designed for different ages, meaning you get the perfect stories for your child.

These new stories are especially designed to be listened to before bed, helping the listener wind down after a busy day of exploring. This edition is filled with soothing sound effects and music and is the perfect companion to the daily bedtime routine!

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Bedtime Stories for 7 Year Olds Yoto Card in front of purple flowers and next to a Yoto Mini player and a card folder

2. Peppa Pig: Bedtime Stories

Brought to you by Ladybird.

Penguin presents Peppa Pig: Bedtime Stories by Ladybird, read by John Sparkes. A collection of ten stories based on Peppa Pig, the hit TV show!

Full of fun dialogue, songs and sound effects from the show!

Stories include:

  1. Bedtime Story
  2. Night Animals
  3. Pet Competition
  4. Freddy Fox
  5. Madam Gazelle’s Leaving Party
  6. Naughty Tortoise
  7. The Rainy Day Game
  8. Teddy’s Playgroup
  9. The Wishing Well
  10. Mummy Rabbit’s Bump

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3. Treasury Of Bedtime Stories (Enid Blyton)

Enter a world of imagination and enchantment at bedtime with this selection of timeless short stories by Enid Blyton.

Get ready for a magical journey….

Set your imagination alight with this selection of more than 25 bedtime stories by a much-loved children’s author. From pixie dressmakers to thundering giants, meet a host of magic and memorable characters along with some familiar friends in Moonface and Saucepan Man from The Magic Faraway Tree.

This stunning treasury brings together some of Enid Blyton’s most delightful stories for younger children, creating the perfect bedtime treat. Each story stands alone and will take you on a brand-new adventure. The tales collected in this treasury were first published in magazines and anthologies between 1920 and 1960 and have been adored by generations of children ever since.

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Treasury of Bedtime Stories Yoto Card in front of purple flowers and next to a Yoto Mini player and a card folder

4. 5-Minute Sleepy Time Stories (Disney)

Get ready for bed with these four enchanting adventures featuring your best-loved Disney characters. Enjoy Family Game Night with Elsa and Anna, look after kittens with Mickey, and save the day with Scamp! Perfect for bedtime, storytime, or anytime!

Track Listing:

Toy Story 4: Ducky and Bunny’s Big Plan 
Frozen 2: Family Game Night
Mickey and Friends: Mickey and the Kitten Sitters
Lady and the Tramp: Scamp the Hero

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5. Ten Minutes To Bed

The perfect collection of bedtime stories for your little monster, mermaid, dinosaur or unicorn. Recorded specifically for bedtime, these stories weave a journey from lively beginning to gentle end, the ten-minute countdown to bed is at the heart of this enchanting story. These beautiful stories are the perfect length for sending little ones off to sleep.

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Ten Minutes To Bed Yoto Card in front of purple flowers and next to a Yoto Mini player and a card folder

6. 5-Minute Sleepy Stories

Gather nuts for the winter with Stanley the Squirrel, meet some new nocturnal friends with Olive the Owl, test out a bunch of fun beds with Bosco the Badger, and more in this collection of sleepy short stories, perfect for bedtime.

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7. Puffin Sleepy Tales

Help busy young minds wind down and switch off before bed with this relaxing audio collection. Developed with The Children’s Sleep Charity, and parent-tested, Puffin Sleepy Tales are specially designed to help children aged 7+ feel calm and positive at the end of a long day.   

They’re the perfect relaxation tool for the hour before bed, and can be listened to before or after a bedtime story, as part of your nightly routine.

Stare up at the night sky, take a walk through nature or brew your own happiness potion. With rich, calming sound effects and gentle breathing exercises, these tales will help get your child in the right frame of mind for sleep. 

So dim the lights, take a slow deep breath, and get ready for a good night’s rest. 
Includes 10 relaxing tales: ‘The Winter Stones’, ‘The Famous Fish’, ‘The Old Workshop’, ‘The Night Balloon’, ‘The Weaver’s House’, ‘The Incredible Reef’, ‘The Garden Wall’, ‘The Sunset Beach’, ‘The Happiness Potion’ and ‘The Night Sky’.

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Sleepy Tales Yoto Card in front of purple flowers and next to a Yoto Mini player and a card folder

8. Moshi: Close Your Eyes

Join a very tired koala on a melodic moonlit journey across the dreamy world of Moshi and a very sleepy story all about a Bedtime Bunny who can hop into other Moshlings’ dreams. Shhh…

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9. Sounds For Sleep

A collection of soothing sounds to help you fall asleep. We are by the sea, and can hear the gentle sound of waves breaking on the shore and the clink of boats bobbing about on the water. In the jungle, all is at peace for now; the frogs croak gently and the crickets play their chorus. As well as sounds of nature, there is a collection of melodic musical arrangements that will soothe and relax, as well as some of the quirkier ways to help bring sleep such as white noise, pink noise, and the gentle hum of a distant vacuum cleaner! Sweet dreams!

Sound Effects on Yoto Bringing a little piece of nature into your home, these sound effects are great for feeding young imaginations. As well as the sounds you hear, your Yoto Player comes alive with accompanying images to enhance the experience. Includes: Lake Lakeside Oasis Rural France Thundery Rain Devon Hedgerow Light Rain in Woodland White Noise Pink Noise Brown Noise Vacuum Cleaner Noisy Fan Binaural Beats Soundscape Underscores

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Sounds For Sleep Yoto Card in front of purple flowers and next to a Yoto Mini player and a card folder

10. PAW Patrol Goodnight Adventure Bay and Other Stories

No job is too big, no pup is too small! Settle down with the PAW Patrol on seven short adventures, complete with sleepy sound effects.

From rescuing an octopus with the Sea Patrol to working together to save Friendship Day, the PAW Patrol are on the job. They’ll even take a trip to the scary dentist – and realise it’s not so scary after all! What better way to end the day than with a PAW Patrol bedtime story?

Stories include:

  • Sea Patrol to the Rescue!
  • Pup-Fu Power!
  • The Pups Save Friendship Day!
  • King for a Day
  • Chase’s Loose Tooth
  • Ready, Race, Rescue!
  • Good Night, Adventure Bay!

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Free content on the Yoto app

The Yoto app offers a variety of free content, all of which might be useful for bedtime. There’s a range of interactive elements, where you can pick the right thing for your child, based on their likes and needs. 

Sleep sounds 

From the ‘my library’ screen on the Yoto app you’re able to access a whole host of free sleep sounds. These include white noise, a train journey, thundery rain, gentle waves and even the Yoto sleep radio. 

Radio station

Yoto has some great radio stations available via the app, again, from the ‘my library’ screen. Stations include BBC radio, lullabies, Yoto radio and stations in other languages. 


Want to try some podcasts for children? The Yoto app is a great place to start. Titles include The Yoto Daily Podcast, Activity Quest, Armchair Adventures and CBeebies.

Join the Yoto club

If you’re someone who likes a subscription service then joining the Yoto club might be something to consider. You can pay either monthly or annually, with the annual option being slightly cheaper per month. 

Each month that you’re a member of the Yoto club you will receive 2 club credits which are added to your account. You can choose to either use these straight away on single cards you like the look of or save them for up to 12 months. You can choose cards to order from the list provided as soon as your credits are available. Available cards vary from month to month with titles such as Star Wars, cards for the holiday season and nursery rhymes.

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