European Holiday Destinations For Families

European Holiday Destinations For Families

A couple of days ago you may have read my post about Disneyland Paris and how we can’t decide about holidays for just before Erin starts school in 2020. Disneyland Paris has such a large cost attached to it so we have to consider other places as well.

Balearic Islands

Earlier this year we went to Puerto de Pollensa in Majorca and absolutely loved it. We went in April and the weather was close to perfect and there was so much for Erin to do. We loved how child friendly the area was and also that the flight was only a couple of hours, making it great for Erin as a first time flyer. It’s an area I would happily consider again after we had such a good first experience.

Canary Islands

It might be quite a bit further south than the Balearic Islands but the Canary Islands are also a part of Spain and I have heard great things. With destinations such as Tenerife and Gran Canaria, where the temperatures are pretty great in the earlier months of the year, this could be a great place to visit out of term time (as Erin will still be in nursery).


Malta has been on my travel wish list for quite some time now and even before Erin was born. I love the idea of somewhere much quieter than the more popular destinations as we like to have some peace and relaxation on holiday. Places such as Malta could offer things like beaches and pool for Erin while still having historic towns for us to explore.

The Algarve

The Algarve, Faro in particular, has also been on my travel wish list for a while now. Faro is a historic town with plenty to discover and it looks absolutely beautiful. Not only that but the airport is close to the town so no long transfer times which is always a plus when travelling with children. Trips to other destinations would also be possible thanks to the central train station serving lots of nearby towns!

There are so many great places to visit but these are on the top of my list if we decide not to go to Disneyland Paris! Which would be your choice?


European Holiday Destinations For Families

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are our own.

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