Erin 14 month update!

Wow. Where did February go? I can’t believe it’s March already and Erin is 14 months old already. Here’s how she’s been doing over the last month.


Last month Erin really learned how to walk/ Since then, she hasn’t stopped. She runs around like a little maniac now. She’s very independent and is quite happy to run around the house on her own and doesn’t like it if you hover over her.

Not only is Erin running around but she’s climbing as well. The other week I went for a wee (our toilet is under the stairs) and left Erin running around in the hallway. She’s been quite happy doing this in the past. However, that time she decided she wanted to learn how to climb. I came out and she was 3 steps up. Oh dear. Before this she had shown no interest in climbing whatsoever!

Erin climbing

health visitor

Erin FINALLY had her 12 month check with the health visitor. I was not happy about having to wait 2 months and also having a new health visitor!

Anyway, it was a bit of a mixed visit really. Erin is in the 25th centile for weight, 75th for length and apparently 98th for head circumference! It must be all those brains she has in there. The HV wasn’t too bothered about Erin’s weight as she’s followed the 25th line since she was born. I really thought she’d have moved up a bit though as all she seems to do is eat!

I did get quite a stern talking to about co-sleeping too because apparently that isn’t allowed. We were supposed to see a sleep specialist because Erin wasn’t sleeping through but she seems to be okay for the time being.


It turns out that Erin does actually know how to sleep through the night. We recently bought her a new pillow and duvet to go with her new bed when she finally moves into it. The night that we put her pillow and duvet in her cot was the first night of her sleeping through. She’s done so most nights since then. I can’t believe something simple helped. I really miss our cuddles in the middle of the night but it’s also nice to have our bed back!

Erin's cot

Erin really seems to be learning a lot of new things very quickly at the moment. I can’t wait to see what she learns next.

19 thoughts on “Erin 14 month update!”

  1. Erin is doing great and you’re doing a wonderful job. They always get in to mischief at this age don’t they – look at my girl falling out the tub!! At least Erin was fine going up the stairs. Her hair is looking lovely x

  2. I remember finding little N climbing the stairs as well…we weren’t expecting him to figure it out so soon, or so fast. At a year old, he’s not slept through the night either, but he’s still in a sleeping bag, I haven’t considered a pillow and duvet – I’m definitely going to try it now and see if we can finally have an undisturbed night – thank you!

  3. I don’t understand health visitors, some are lovely and all for co sleeping and extended breastfeeding and baby led weaning and then some go the opposite way.. luck of the draw I guess! Sounds like she’s doing really well ? X

  4. It’s so strange to see them growing up. Lucas found the stairs really early on. Touch wood, we don’t have a stair gate on the top of it because it broke, but he’s never tried going down them on his own. Will need replacing when Iris can move though. Sounds like she’s doing great! You should be proud 🙂 xx

  5. I get annoyed with health visitors and other “professionals” telling people what they should or shouldn’t be doing. Co-sleeping works for some families and I am baffled that they think a sleep specialist is needed at such a young age! Children do things when they are ready.

  6. Aww way to go erin sleeping! Health visitors are always so strict aren’t they – as long as your baby is happy and healthy that’s all that matters 🙂 xx

  7. Ah I think we all forget that health visitors have to advise on certain things. Mine didn’t like that I coslept in the first months but she accepted it aslong as I knew the risks.

    Sounds like Erin is doing fab, look at her on those stairs!!

  8. It’s such a great age of discovery isn’t it. I wouldn’t worry about the co-sleeping. As long as you practise safe co-sleeping you’ll be fine. Trust me when I say she won’t sleep in your bed forever

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