4 Tips For Managing Your Family's Medical Expenses

4 Tips For Managing Your Family’s Medical Expenses

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Falling ill is an unpleasant experience. Depending on the nature of your disease, you may have to visit the hospital frequently. As a person, dealing with a family member’s medical condition while keeping up with bills is tough. Healthcare is expensive, and your family’s visitations can take a heavy financial toll on you, whether for chronic or acute illnesses. 

The hospital stays, medications, follow-ups, and consultation fees can impact your savings. It is also not possible for you to stay home and avoid seeing a doctor altogether. You need a medical expert to assist you with a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Therefore, to facilitate you in sorting through your family’s  medical expenditure intelligently, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Look into trust funds

Medical conditions like asbestos-related diseases make it possible for patients to access special funds. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), more than 30 million tons of asbestos were used between 1900 and 1980. You or your loved one may have been exposed to asbestos if you were in the military or worked in construction around that period. Upon testing positive for a severe illness like mesothelioma, you are well within your rights to get an attorney involved. Mesothelioma is an aggressive cancer that mostly shows up on lab tests once it crosses the 4th stage making it both difficult and a massive challenge to bring under control. 

Since you and your close one were unfairly exposed and, as a result, contracted this fatal disease, you should file a lawsuit. The company responsible for the predicament will settle with you upfront or use a trust fund to compensate you. You must see if you qualify to access this funding and if your loved one’s case is valid. This saves you from wasting crucial time and submitting a dead-end claim that only uses your time, energy, and resources without any results. 

  1. Switch over to generic medicine brands

Big pharmaceuticals generally produce expensive medications. These can easily cost you more than $1,000 if you get these pills in bulk. In the long run, this can become a heavy purchase for you. However, you can choose not to get these branded drugs and use more generic ones. Your doctor can easily suggest a list of substitutes that will keep you on budget and prevent your budget from derailing. If your family needs medication like insulin, you can quickly get a pen or oral supplements from a brand that is both affordable and does the trick. 

Alternatively, you can get prescription drugs at reduced rates from several retail chain stores. For instance, you can buy a 30-day supply for $4 with no qualms. Certain pharmacies also provide medications through your mail in a large package, saving you money and giving you a steady supply of necessary pills for a long time. 

  1. Don’t always reach for insurance 

Anytime you go to the hospital, you may feel tempted to foot the bill on your insurance. Healthcare plans have different rules on how you can use your insurance. Most expect you to pay a deductible before using your insurance to pay for services that come under its coverage. It’s also better to pay a higher deductible to access premiums at a lower cost. 

For example, it’s better to pay for a $1000 deductible if you had to rush your child into the emergency room than a $500, which may result in higher premiums. There are also certain services your insurance may not cover, so they will not get added to your deductible. When dealing with your bill, your best bet is to see the payable amount and determine if paying with cash upfront will be better or deductible. Suppose you get into the habit of balancing between your insurance and making cash payments. In that case, you save significant money—a low deductible results in paying more than you should for premiums.

  1. Learn about various health benefits

The medical industry provides you with tenfold health benefits you can use for your family. Community centers and mobile clinics offer free health screenings and vaccines. You can also tap into retail clinics to get blood tests at a lower cost or get your child checked for infectious diseases without needing to visit a hospital. Certain hospitals also offer discounts on prenatal care such as ultrasounds and consultations on the growing fetus. As an expecting parent, the welfare of your child and your mother depends on these services, do try availing them. 

Your doctor may also provide you with free prescription glasses, discounted gym memberships, or recommend you to a doctor who offers meal plans at a low price. Ultimately, all these benefits can help you look after your health and provide for your family without worrying about the bill. 


Health is everything, but you often may put yourself at a financial disadvantage while providing top-notch care for your family. This is because the healthcare industry is quite expensive, and seeking optimal care can cost an arm or a leg. But if you’re smart about navigating through healthcare costs, you can save money and prevent yourself from massive financial distress. Start by investigating if you or the health of your loved ones can get compensated through a trust fund while dealing with mesothelioma. Generic drug brands are a lifesaver, and you should purchase them as much as possible. Try being smart about using your insurance. Every minute payment may result in paying a high premium. Finally, learn about free or discounted health services to reap the full benefits of getting a checkup without paying extra.

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