5 amazing islands near Santorini worth a visit

The number of inhabited islands in Greece is 227. Each island holds unique characteristics, history, and distinct qualities, but they all share equal beauty and attraction. Santorini is one of the most attractive destinations for travellers around the world. From unique geography to clifftop villages and traces of Atlantis to special wine, many other things make Santorini unique and must-visit-island. 

Santorini is undoubtedly great, but it’s by no mean the only stunning Greek island. Mykonos is another best-known island near Santorini. There is even more to explore. Here we are going to share with you five amazing islands near Mykonos and Santorini, which are known for their breathtaking landscapes, beautiful beaches, and scenic towns.


After Santorini, Mykonos is the most popular destination for travel lovers. The Mykonos – Santorini combination is most popular among foreign travellers. Many ferry routes connect both islands. The fastest farriers cover the distance between the islands in about three hours. 

Soulful sunsets, volcano views, wineries, and beautiful villages make Santorini perfect for romantic events. Mykonos, on the other hand, is famously known for parties. 

Mykonos is known for its maze-like Chora, windmills, and incredible sandy beaches. In addition to that, this island is famous for its nightlife and shopping. If you are planning to visit Mykonos, you can skip the legendary Mykonos beach parties. They have been going on for many years. 


Known as the biggest Cyclades islands near Santorini, Naxos is famous for its authenticity. Naxos is one of the hottest travel destinations in Greece for many reasons. Be it delicious food or gorgeous beaches, Naxos is a perfect place to spend your vacation stay. From barren slopes with almost no greenery and lush river valleys and cultivated plains, Naxos has tons of things to offer. This island is known for its rich and diverse history. Venetian Castle and Portara Gate are the landmarks of Naxos. 


This fantastic island has a lot to offer when it comes to the best beaches and lovely nature scenes. Kalamos, Psathi, and Lorentzena are some of the most famous beaches on this island. If you love hiking, Ios is for you. This place has some amazing hiking trails. On Ios, places like the Koumpara peninsula offer a breathtaking sunset view. Chora is the main town on Ios, famously known for parties and clubs. If you are on Ios, you can’t skip Paleokastro. It has the ruins of a Venetian castle and a small beautiful church. 


In recent times, the popularity of Milos has significantly increased. The island has many features that make it picturesque. This place is the home of incredible landscapes, wonderful beaches, and wild nature, making it one of the favourite destinations of travellers worldwide. This island also has a rich history. The Milos Mining Museum is one of the best museums in the Cyclades. 

Colourful rocks can be seen everywhere on Milos. The reason is simple: this island is a volcanic island, and the eruption was the cause of its creation. 


Located between Ios and Folegandros, Sikinos is a small and arid island. Santorini is about an hour or two away from this island. Sikinos is unique in so many ways. There isn’t much to do, so you can have ample time to relax. You can go for long swims, read books or simply can engage yourself with locals and other visitors. One of the best things about Sikinos is that you can visit the Manalis winery – a place that offers a fantastic sunset. Last but not least, this small beautiful island has a breathtaking night sky view. 

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