5 Things Every Busy Mum Should Make Time For

5 Things Every Busy Mum Should Make Time For

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Some mums would easily argue that motherhood is the busiest job on earth because of how demanding it can be! Between feeding kids, laundry, tidying up never-ending piles of mess and earning a living, it can seem as though there’s never time for anything else, let alone yourself.

For the sake of your wellbeing as a mum, as well as your need for sanity, it’s imperative that you make time for doing things that will ensure your health and happiness. It could mean dancing to your favourite song, spending time outside of your home, or treating yourself to a spa day. On that note, you’re going to find five things that every busy mum should always make time for below.

Me Time

One of the things that often seems most difficult to find as a busy mum is time for yourself, especially as a new mum. It is necessary, however, as everybody needs a few moments to themselves where they can regroup, reflect, and analyse their present situation. You may find that the moment you try to steal a moment to yourself is when your kids realise that their favourite toy is stuck in the toilet or they suddenly can’t get enough of you. For this reason, it’s sometimes best that you have alone time when the kids are in bed or away from the house. Some things you can do during your quality time alone include travelling somewhere new, taking yourself on a dinner date, pampering yourself spa style, taking a hot bath, or simply catching up on your favourite shows. The idea should be to do something that is exclusively for you.

Healthy Food

As a busy mum, another thing you absolutely should make time for is good and healthy food. Seeing as you’re likely to be up and down, it’s important that your body is well nourished and taken care of. It can be really hard to keep up with what you’re eating when life seems like it’s on fast forward every day. In light of this, some tips for eating healthy include eating more grilled foods, reducing your portions, eating things like salmon and chicken, and reducing your carb intake. This is especially a good idea if you’re overweight and trying to trim down a few sizes. If you are trying to lose weight, you can also opt for a daily meal plan and start a healthy food swap, or consider dieting options like ketogenic diets, which would mean fewer carbs if you want faster results.

Health Checkups

Checking in with the doctor on a regular basis is essential for both children and adults alike. This is key so that you know that everything is okay health wise and you can discuss any worries or concerns you may have. In light of this, you should make time at least once a year to visit your GP and do a general checkup. An annual physical exam will typically consist of checking your vaccination status, checking your vitals, weight, hearing, blood, and cholesterol levels, as well as checking for serious illnesses too.


In addition to getting a general checkup, finding time to go to the dentist is equally important. Unless you want to wear dentures earlier than anticipated, you should go and get your teeth checked every six months. Doing so should ensure your teeth are in good shape and any cavities or eroding teeth can be detected. You should also get a routine clean to ensure your smile is as bright as possible.


Most adults seem to lament about not getting enough sleep, and this is often because of how busy life gets. However, sleep is critical if you don’t want to function like a zombie every day, so you should find ways to schedule time to sleep. In terms of how much sleep you need, from the age of twenty and onwards, it’s normal to sleep between seven and nine hours. You should also remember that it’s okay to take short naps during the day where possible as those go a long way. Don’t let your never-ending list of things to do deter you because if you fall ill due to sleep deprivation, you wouldn’t be able to do anything at all.

No matter how busy life gets, it’s important that you make time for the things that matter. In as much as tending to your responsibilities is a necessity, you owe it to yourself to look after yourself and meet your needs too. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll remember every so often to do something to ensure you’re enjoying the best quality of life possible.

5 Things Every Busy Mum Should Make Time For

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