5 Things I Love About Spring

5 Things I Love About Spring

I keep saying that spring is here but I think it actually might be now. Right now we’re away on a family holiday to Majorca and the weather is definitely nicer than we’ve been having for the past month or so. I couldn’t really believe that some places had snow just 2 weeks ago. Although I am actually looking forward to summer already I thought it would be quite nice to write about things I love about spring.

Fresh Cut Grass

I LOVE the smell of fresh cut grass. I don’t know why but when we cut our own grass it never smells as great. I wonder why that is!? It’s great to be out and about and suddenly get a whiff as you go past somewhere.

Playing Outside

Erin hates to be cooped up indoors. If she could go out in the rain, she would and she definitely loves being out in the snow. I would much prefer to spend our days together playing in the back garden, having the sandpit open and water table full and generally just having a lot of fun. I remember last year spending hours at a time outside and even having to eat outside because Erin didn’t want to come in.


Last year Erin didn’t really understand what a picnic was but she really does this year. I can imagine that it will be quite tough to get Erin to go inside after playing for a little while so I can see us having a fair few picnics this spring. I don’t mind though. I hope Erin enjoys having real picnics instead of with pretend food.

Open Windows

Does anyone else really miss having all of the windows in the house open? We have a south facing garden and my living room/ dining room really gets the benefit of this when it’s warm. I love feeling a breeze come through the windows and to have some fresh air!

Light Evenings

I hate winter with a passion. I hate the dark morning and I hate the dark evenings even more. It makes me miserable! I love still being able to go out in the garden at 6pm if I want to and I love having that bit of extra time outside with Erin, especially on nursery days. I miss getting time with her in the day and she loves feeding the rabbits when she gets home.

What do you love about spring? Let me know in the comments! 

5 Things I Love About Spring

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