A Nation Of Tea Drinkers... But Who Drinks The Most?

A Nation Of Tea Drinkers… But Who Drinks The Most?

If you didn’t already know, this week is National Tea Week and Saturday 21st April is National Tea Day. John is a big tea drinker and my sister who is living with us at the moment has a pretty impressive tea collection from all over the world. It’s funny really, how when people think of the UK they think of afternoon tea and people with their pinky fingers high in the air while drinking a nice cup of tea.

Buy A Gift got in touch recently to share some really interesting information about Britain and how people drink their tea!

  • 76% of UK population drink tea every day
  • We drink 165 million cups a day, roughly 3 per day for every man/woman/child
  • £654 million was spent on tea in 2015
  • We’re sat firmly on the fence on the sugar (49%) / no sugar (51%) question
  • Glasgow are the biggest drinkers of herbal/fruit teas with 438 cups per person

It’s really crazy to think just how many cups of tea are consumed in the UK every single day! John probably has more than 3 on an average day and I know my sister definitely does. I guess that might make up for me not drinking tea though. Buy A Gift found out where the biggest tea drinkers in Britain are I was quite surprised by the results. We live in East Anglia and we’re right at the bottom at number 9! I couldn’t believe there are 4 regions all tied at number 3 as well!

Although I don’t drink tea myself and Buy A Gift have a fantastic selection of Afternoon Tea Experiences, a few of which I have tried out myself. Afternoon Teas are a great gift for birthdays, special occasions or just because you want to! If you want to try something really different there are even including Beauty and the Beast and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party themed afternoon teas to try out!

National Tea Week Infographic

This post is in collaboration with Buy A Gift. All opinions are our own.


A Nation Of Tea Drinkers... But Who Drinks The Most?

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