5 Ways To Make More Space At Home

5 Ways To Make More Space At Home

When we moved into our 4 bedroom Victorian semi I laughed about how we would never fill the space. We’ve now lived in this house for 4 years, nearly to the day and we definitely don’t have enough space anymore. There are plenty of ways to make more space at home though so here are some ideas:

1. Spare Rooms

If you have a spare bedroom or reception room then this could be a great way to make more space at home. Usually one of our spare bedrooms is used as a storage room for things we don’t use much and the items I sell on Facebook. By using spare rooms in a clever way you can minimise on clutter and maximise the space you have. I have a large shelving unit in my spare bedroom and it’s a great way to organise everything without taking up a lot of space.

2. Clever Storage

So many houses have plenty of space for storage that isn’t utilised. If you have a small kitchen like we do you can make loads more space by adding shelves, space saving spice racks and hidden storage in existing cupboards. Something in my own kitchen that drives me mad is having my crockery all piled up in a cupboard. I love the idea of having plate racks built in so that I could easily find anything I needed without having to lift a really heavy pile and risk dropping everything!

3. Garden Storage

Sometimes people forget about that much needed space in the garden. If you’re a family with young children like we are then you probably have a million toys on your lawn or patio and they really do take up a lot of space. We have some fantastic storage boxes that hold everything from Erin’s large toys in the winter to our garden tools!

I love having lots of space in our garden so Erin can run around safely and this really wouldn’t be possible without great storage. If you have even bigger items to store, like lawn mowers, then a shed might be a better idea.

4. Add An Extra Room

If you still need a bit more space then there is always the option of adding an extra room. If you don’t want a full extension then conservatories are a cheaper option and will give you a wonderful space to spread out in.

For us, a conservatory would probably be used as a play room for Erin so her toys don’t take over our living room completely! In addition to a conservatory you could add a roof lantern which would give the impression of more space because of how much light it would let it! I would love to sit in a conservatory in the summer and be able to look out into the garden while watching Erin play.

5. Loft Conversions

We are lucky enough to have a large loft and while we use it to store seasonal items and books we could be using the space better. A loft conversion, although expensive, would provide us with an extra room without extending outwards. I personally love the idea of having a library but John would much prefer a gym.

Do you have any tips for creating extra space at home? Let me know in the comments.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are our own.


5 Ways To Make More Space At Home

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