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5 Tips For Stress Free Event Planning

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Being of a certain age can mean having to plan events, for various different things. The event could be a wedding, christening, party or even a meeting. Planning any of these can end up being really quite stressful but there are ways of Stress Free Event Planning.

1. Event Hire

There are many times in life when we need to hire a room for something; a wedding reception, christening, weight loss group or meeting rooms for various different reasons. The problem lies in being able to find these venues in the right place. It’s hard to know what options exist, especially if you’ve never booked anything like this before. There are great websites to help though, such as Venue Finder.

2. Hire a PA

Some events can be too big to plan on your own, especially if you’ve not done anything like this before. While we were lucky enough to get married in Florida, we had a wedding planner sort everything out over there. I would have been a massive wreck if I’d had to sort all of that out myself. A PA or wedding planner can reduce the stress levels massively.

3. Outside caterers

Catering your own event can save a whole load of money but it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort. Unless you have a team of friends and family to help you, it might be a better idea to hire a caterer or order platters and party food to be delivered on the day.

4. Plan ahead

Thinking about everything you need to do before you even begin to plan properly. Having a well developed game plan can reduce stress in the later stages. If you know exactly what you need, you can have clear goals to achieve.

5. To-Do Lists

I swear by to-do lists. If I don’t have a list then nothing will get done and it certainly wouldn’t get done properly. A thorough to-do list will ensure that everything you need to do gets done and it gets done in a timely manner. Set goals, dates for things to be completed and as much detail as possible.

Have you planned a big event before? What tips would you give to keep the stress down?



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