Celebrating a Summer of Disney Plus at Pergola Paddington

AD | Press event As soon as we found out about Disney+ I had us signed up and couldn’t wait to see what we would be able to watch. Since the launch, there have been some amazing releases, new additions with Disney Star and plenty of originals to discover. Disney+ isn’t just for children either because there really is something for the whole family. Earlier this week I was so lucky to attend an event being held at Pergola Paddington, celebrating a summer of Disney Plus.

Wedding Fashion For A Male Wedding Guest

AD | Post contains gifted items Summer is the season for weddings. Most people want to get married somewhere lovely with nice weather and while UK summers are pretty unpredictable, they’re still a really nice time to get married. John and I don’t go out very much and therefore, John doesn’t really have clothes that are smart enough for weddings. I find that wedding fashion for men can get a bit boring because some places don’t offer much choice. Luckily, the lovely people at Dobell, who have a fantastic range, supplied him with something to