5 Ways To Freshen Up a Room

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It is easy to become tired with the same room design after a long time but it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Rather than having a full renovation which can be hefty in price, you can opt for small changes to freshen your room as well as making it look stylish.

Adding various textures

Look at the room you want to change from different angles and sides and evaluate what textures you have and how they complement one another. You will notice how some item may or not sit well together. Move the main items of furniture around the room first of all and once you are happy you will see which items need an uplift. When you are in the position of changing an item, it is good to choose a different texture to make it stand out and look stylish. Textures such as marble furniture as this will often go with every room whilst giving it a clean, tidy feel.

Switching or adding rugs

Often when you think a room feels empty, a rug can make a big difference. If you currently have a rug, sometimes switching it for a larger option where various furniture items can sit on can bring a room together as it avoids empty spaces. In addition, changing the colour of your rug can make a big difference to the overall feeling of the room, for example blue can be a bold colour to make the room look vibrant but can feel cold if you find that you do not get much light in the room. You could choose a colour that matches a feature or wallpaper in the room or you could opt for a shade that is opposite on the colour wheel to give the room a contrast. The best way to keep your feet warm whilst adding an interesting feel into the room is to layer your rugs for a visual interest using the same colour in various shades or in contrasting colours and patterns. 

Rearrange the furniture

Once you have looked at the room you want to improve from multiple angles it can be a good idea to walk about your home. This is so you can see if there is any other furniture you could move from another room as we often get into the habit that a piece of furniture is only made for one room. Whereas it can be a good idea to move your furniture around the house as you will fall back in love with your furniture and your rooms. 

Hopefully, with this guide you will be able to give your room a refresh by adding different textures such as marble products to add a smooth high gloss to tidy unruly areas. Try switching up your rug as it can bring a room together whilst making it look cosy and soft under foot. Try to rearrange the furniture in each room from time to time as it will make you fall in love with your furniture again.

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