5 Ways To Save Money When Buying Presents

5 Ways To Save Money When Buying Presents

Speaking from personal experience, it is really easy to over spend or go over the top when it comes to buying presents for others. If you’re anything like me, and pick things up all through the year when I see them, the loft becomes a great hiding place but it always means I tend to forget what I’ve already bought. This means I end up with more presents than I need and spending more money than I should have.

With Christmas in less than 100 days it’s really time to start thinking about ways to save money for Christmas so here are a few tips to help you out:

Stick to a budget

Now, I know this is easier said than done, especially when I have just admitted to hiding things in the loft and forgetting about them. One of the biggest things about sticking to a budget is being realistic and not spending money you don’t have. Spending can get out of control quite quickly so it’s important to give yourself rules and spending limits and make sure you stick to them. Take out cash when you go shopping and leave the cards at home so you don’t get tempted!

Plan for each recipient

Once you have figured out your budget a plan could really help you to stick to it. Make a list of all of the people you need to buy for and sit down and think about what you can get them. After doing a bit of research or window shopping plan out how much each gift costs and if it aligns with your budget. If the gift is more expensive then it’s time to find something else that would be suitable instead.

Get a good deal

With so many places to shop these days it’s hard to know if you’re paying the best price. We all spend enough already at Christmas so none of us want to pay more than we need to. Shopping around is always a great idea and it can be done so easily online now. Websites like Latestdeals are a good place to start and they have deals on all sorts from DAB Digital Radios to baby supplies and make-up. You can also use survey junkie rewards, to cash in on some money or gift cards for presents.

Homemade gifts

We are going to try to teach Erin that Christmas isn’t all about buying presents and the money that is spent but instead, we want her to know that it really is the thought that counts. We are planning to make some homemade gifts this year instead of buying presents from Erin. I think family members especially will appreciate something like this when time has been spent on it.

Secret Santa

There was a time when we bought for a lot of family members. If we were still buying for everyone I think we’d be buying for around 17 or 18 people and we definitely wouldn’t be able to afford to buy for each of them any more. Even if we were only spending £10-£20 per person that’s still a massive amount of money.

Do you manage to save money when doing your Christmas shopping, or for presents any other time of the year? 


5 Ways To Save Money When Buying Presents

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